Ritualistic affection

So, in regards to the idea of ritualistic abuse, I’ve considered an opposite concept, ritualistic affection. The idea is to show affection in ritual to someone or something of personal or spiritual significance. Perhaps naming this person, animal, or object as a representative of a beloved spiritual figure. So the act of showing affection could be an offering.

Satanism, black magick, and the lhp are supposedly about gratification of the ego, so I’ve read. Then I’m not sure how the act of causing harm could be magically beneficial. After all, if emotion is a component in magick, I’d think ritualistically showing affection would cause a spell to be more potent. Considering people would rather be more helpful than harmful.

Does anyone do this, or had a spirit request it?

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Some people gets in a trance state by this! When you see an accident or a bizarre act in front of you it knocks your adrenaline! With this heightened state in trance for a second any intent pass easily to your subconscious empowered by your emotional state! The downfall is when your intent happen in real life you will feel the emotion you fed that intent!

Its not more potent! More like equal without the adrenaline rush! I do prefer the affection part in an evocation because the spirit responds positively! I noticed I get in trance watching my cats and having the awe feeling! So when I replicate that in an evocation, it feeds it! The result always follows by awe feelings!

I understand that there’s a stronger force within acts of violence, but strong can mean uncontrollable. Positive feeds into positive (psychologically), and positive is generally beneficial. As in to say a spirit who’d request an act outside of my own nature is not one I’d trust. That’s all I’m saying.

It depends on the spell! Idk how you can curse someone with love feelings or even with sexual energy! Everything has its uses and people should do what clicks for them!

I do agree with this!

True, but I’m not going around putting curses on people. And even so, my ideal curse would be more like an act of poetic justice than outright violence.

I’ve expressed a desire to give people a temporary variant of autism.

:rofl: that reminds me! Just couple days ago I cursed the mosquitos in my house! They bit me three times under my foot and was annoying to walk! So I guess that was an act of justice? Haven’t seen a mosquito or got bitten again yet!

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