I did a satanic ritual said the prayer signed in blood and I durned the paper in the candle the flame grew lager and when I dried to put it out it didn’t go out it grew lager so I poured a little water into to put it out it went out but the candle kind of broke :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: what does this mean ? Do I perform the ritual again or NO?

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Usually the bigger the flame, the better the sign. For me I also notice a flame that’s visibly almost still is also a really good sign.

Also have you tried snuffing candles with a chalice or jar?

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No I havent how would I be able to do that…

So I shouldn’t have blew the candle out?

It actually broke the candle after I blew it out :joy::joy:

Snuffing the candle is when you put something cup-shaped or bell-shaped on top of the candle to let the flame go out by itself. There’s a special tool called a candle snuffer that you can use but if you’re careful a jar, metal lid or cup should work as well. I’ve sniffed out candles with jars and a miniature caldron lid. It’s less likely to break the candle and it doesn’t cause the candle to burn faster (which blowing on it will do).

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O ok thanks