Ritual with Satanachia

After long time researching and reading and moments of self doubts, I finally did a ritual with Satanachia. I feel some energy behind the sigil, my 3th eye star moving slowly and and a “hello, I’m here” before to start the ritual wen i relax my self
I ask something with 2 girls and I stated that what I will give back. And close the ritual with normal phrase like go in peace, be peace between us, and clamp my fingers and sigil stopped moving
And i feel very confident in me now (i just finished the ritual) and in results. Now i will nit lust for results and forget the ritual like nirmal life. What so you think about this picture?


Good job , I personally can never bring myself to draw blood for offerings .

Well I don’t have problems with blood and semen as offerings. I want my task done no matter what.

Up to you bro , where on your skin do you cut ?

I use a syringe with a niddle and from my left arm.

I use bfre nothing happen. Give offering furst, second time if he deliver it i give a big one norhing. Others spirts are more fast. Good for u. But i t fail me twice.

I promise something else even more great that blood and semen. Blood and semen i offer now to peove that I’m legit in my part of deal. And Satanachia need a good anchor to work. Anfter my task is complete I will destroy the sigils with water plus rest of my promises. Well i think you lust after results or something. If you complet forget the ritual and act like: I’m cool, i don’t need her and so on univers will work for you. In my Santa Muerte ritual in October last year i did the same and few days nothing happened but wen i forget the ritual boommmm my task was complete. I’m very confident in my ritual from this night and now i act like a cool guy. I made some food, i cleaned the room after ritual (well i live with one of my target) and now even i start look on some movies. One tarhet even call me from the job but i was not near by phone. So brother be confident and destry the self doubt

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Ok i will. Im not beginner but i work whit diferent demons, and. namah and satanachia kind of fail me. I will give another shoot soon. Thanks 4 advice. Tis week looks good for magic.

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I was advised to do that ritual this night by a spirit. And Friday is good to do rituals. I don’t do love ritual only obsession and lust.

Some good news. One of my target who live with me in the same room talk with me more close and make some statements with sexual connotation. She show me a giel from the street who was sexy and she tell me about her so called lover. I feel very ey confident in my ritual. I will wait in normal life for my results.

That is so totally cool. Satanachia is one of the best to work with!!!



We will see in near future

Update :
One of my target send me last night wen she was near by my bed this song…

How to interpret this?