Ritual to increase opportunities to meet a specific person?

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to build a ritual or spell to increase my chances/create opportunities to encounter a specific person, draw them to me and me to them physically. I’m moving to their city soon but it’s a huge city and I’m not a stalker so I’m thinking it would be better to magick my way into their path. I’m also thinking of doing this on their birthday to strengthen the connection to them, aside from using other tokens like photo, full name, DOB, etc.

What would you do to achieve this? Any specific demons or entities you would call upon?
Would you keep the ritual strictly about creating opportunities to meet them/be around them or should I focus on the end goal of striking up a friendship?

Any input would be very appreciated!

I would use a simple Spare-style sigil. As sigils use your subconscious mind for manifestation, it will set up the situation for you to meet the person without you having to consciously do anything. Just fire the sigil off, forget about it, and focus on getting everything ready for your move. You will then eventually find yourself in the right place, at the right time, to “randomly” encounter them.


Dantalion is a spirit that is supposed to let you know the mind of another, influence feelings, and attract others (though in this context they are potential lovers).

Perhaps you could use the power of Dantalion to influence this person to go to a particular place where you could meet them (influence feelings in terms of influencing them to go want to go somewhere). You could also try using the power of “knowing the mind of another” to understand where they frequent (without stalking them, of course!) and cross paths.

I’ll say, when doing jar spells, photos and names were EXTREMELY helpful when targeting!


Are you trying to like meet a wise master or make friends with a normal person? Cause if you have all of their personal information I imagine you could send them an email or something. Or get someone who knows them and is easier to get into contact with to give you an introduction. They say you can meet anyone within like 7 connections or something.



Thanks for this! In my practice I tend to underestimate sigils as they seem too “low effort” but I’ll definitely give this a try.


Thank you for suggesting Dantalion. I have not worked with this spirit yet, as I’ve not done a full evocation ritual and wouldn’t know how to “listen” to an answer regarding knowing the person’s mind or something. I wouldn’t think it could be done with a petition, right? Full evocation only I suppose. I’ll look into incorporating this into my ritual.


This is a relatively well-known person in their field. No one too famous, but also not exactly in my tax bracket so they probably lay low and frequent places I’m probably not allowed in lol.

Also sorry for the bad formatting, I haven’t used a forum in many years and forgot how to quote multiple people in the same post.

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