Ritual to get clear medical test

I’ve been having health problems in the stomach and doctors have asked to do tests , I really don’t want to go through an operation and want it to get fixed with med and little procedures , what would be the best ritual to use? I was thinking of doing a daily ritual with Buer till test results arrive , can you recommend anything else?

Meditate with Marbas, ask him to help you understand what is going on with your guts.

Ex. Visual while chanting his enn your digestive track, the flow of things, where you’re pain is, the gastral juices and acids, the enzymes, the whole system, let him see what’s going on inside of you, kind of like the old Mr. Body videos. Start there, and work through inside and out, he’s an engineer, so he might have a better idea of how your body would need to work properly. Take his counsel on what type of procedures and medication the doctor offers.

Side note: My friend (does not practice any magick) has to take heavy medications and injections for his stomach issues, which have caused near kidney failure and other health issues. What actually helped him a great deal was going an all natural near paleo diet, which drastically altered his body’s ability to metabolize and use the medication properly rather than what it had been doing. Everybody’s different, but taking care of yourself and your diet will help no matter what.

I already know the problem and have no symptoms or pain yet , just want an easy recovery without going under the knife !

Even so I’d still call on Marbas (just a personal opinion on the entity), or for a quick recovery archangel Raphael. I’ve had some immediate success with saying his name as a mantra and using this visualization technique Raphael mantra - success story


I’ll do that thank you so much :blush:

Maybe consider trying some shilajit, would have to find the recipie for what to mix it with for the specific type of ailment out have but it’s a very healing resin, some have called iva gift from Shiva.

Dont do this.How do you know its not screaming of something much more dangerous? But after all its your health and I can say Raphael and Marbas are good.

hahah it’s pass that stage to get fixed with home remedies!

I know the problem , just have to go through some tests then doctors decide the solution , I’m hoping for doctor to say it’s curable with med or a little procedure instead of needing an operation.