Ritual To Gain Financial Power

Lets be clear here. The financial power I am Talking about is not mundane, but is magical.
Anyone can get a job and take mundane measures to get money. But:

  1. Most of us are already working.

  2. Most of us who arent working are out of a job not by choice, but by life Circumstances or Disability or some related Cause.

  3. We are Black Magicians. Not Mundanes.

There is a Reason Money Magic Exists and Thats because it works. But you Need Power of Either Light or Dark for it to work.

Light Deals with Manifestation and Is a source of power in and of itself.

Darkness is the Raw form of Power and can bring things into existence alot quicker because it is the form and the forming of the thing you desire.

This ritual is going to Iet you gain and accrue Financial Power which is the ability to manifest any amount of money or do any money spell and have it come through and produce maximum results!

This ritual calls upon the Darkness to actually bestow, give, and develop the ability/talent to make money magically through your spells and to rapidly grow that ability thoroughly so you can have real skill and growth in it.

The Ritual:

Purification Segment

Sit in meditation and close your eyes. See in your mind your Entire being on fire with A silvery Black Flame. This is Radiant Darkness.

Allow it to cleanse you of ANYTHING that could potentially hinder you from focusing or throwimg your whole self into the ritual and getting the best and fullest results.

See the flame consuming your Physical, Astral, Mental, and Casual bodies and your Atman as well.

The flame will stop on its own. When it does, proceed onward.

The Ritual

"I call upon the Darkness within and Without to Gather around me. I command the Activation and Bestowment of magical money making abilities on my person and being.

No longer shall i be kept poor. No longer shall i, due to inability, be a slave to my circumstances.

Let the Power to make money come to me on wings of Darkness, and swiftly."

See Dark Green Streams start to develop around you and swirl. This is the Dark Power you need. This is literally the ability to make money materializing in its energetic form.

Vibrate “Sat Nam” 3 times and inhale, pulling that Dark Money into your Solar Plexus Chakra.

After wards say:
“By the Powers of Darkness, let the part of me known as the God of All Money be awakemed and integrated within my Psyche, being, and Aura and with it, let the shackles of my magical financial Slavery be broken!”

Inhale Once.

On the Exhale, Vibrate your Own name Thrice.
There will be a energetic and dimensional difference this time. This isnthe proof of the working being successful.

Conclude the Rite in whatever manner you see fit.
Seal this rite in your own Name as the God of All Money, known and Unknown.

You will feel as if you are able to do this and make any amount of money magically. Thats because you indeed ARE ready. At this point, continue to accrue power, then repeat whatever runes, spells, evocations, etc you did for money. And watch the results.


  1. I will make a Light Version of the Ritual as well.

  2. I will make a List of entities you can call for active development of magical money Abilities.

  3. Do this ritual and comment on results.



And yes its legal tender lol


Cool, what have your results been so far, or is this a “beta-testers wanted” kinda deal? :+1:


The above photo IS the result
Im kinda shocked actually.


I found it immeditately after the ritual. It literally appeared outta no where.
My mom just used the bathroom before i did and she never carries money in there


Maybe your butt just turned into a cosmic ATM?

Meeting in 5 hours on Micah’s butt, anyone? :smiling_imp:

Was typing before you posted that btw, I think our posts crossed in the ether. :+1:


Lololol its all good

No meeting on my butt in 5 hours lololol
Well, since its you :thinking:
Maybe you and some other females :smiley:

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Hell yes @ebdr
Still shocked at it actually…its just the beginning tho


@Micah is amazing, I can personally attest to his help.If it wasn’t for his guidance we would have no money even for food by now.When I asked for his help I was crying and depressed.

I will try the new ritual ASAP.

He is right, we Mages can’t stay hungry and deprived all our lives.We deserve better and we should improve our circumstances so we can continue thriving x


Where did you get this from?

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I created it @Zyazazu


Ritual To Gain Financial Power
Light Version

Preperation Phase

See the Darkness in your whole being concentrating itself into particles of Light. This will be felt as an implosion of Darkness and feeling the Warmth of The Light Saturate you. This is NOT getting rid of The Darkness.

This is Transmuting it, then using it in its new state. Its Alchemy!

Vibrate the Mantra “Sat Nam”. You will be Taken into a state where you feel completely at peace and your Solar Plexus will feel like A Vaccuum.

This is the Sat Nam state. Anything is possible from this place of being.

Still your mind, and Drop Mind.

The Ritual

"I call God Forth and Command Him/Her to Arise in me. Gods of Light and Strength Insurmountable, Gods of the Sun, Gods of the Demonic Light and Gods of The Light of Light, come to me and form a circle and surround me now.

I command as Sat Nam that the chains of my Financial Slavery Be incinerated and That my financial situation come to an end. All that awaits me is a River of Light and Financial Prosperity.

I command the Forces of Light and Darkness to go forth and bring me my financial freedom.

Gods of Light both known and Unknown, GO FORTH and fulfill my Will."

At this point, inhale.
Open your mouth then exhale seeing the Streams of Light flow from you into the Worlds below and above and every particle of reality incenerating them.

Seal it by vibrating your name 3 times, then Sat Nam once.


Next is a list of beings you can summon to bring financial Power to you plus a ritual.


Gonna combine this with the square tonight me tinks

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Also, during the meditation, imagine stepping into a square pool of molten gold. As you soak or swim in this pool of gold, you are absorbing this gold into every pore of your skin. When you step out of the pool, your body should shine like polished gold like the Silver Surfer.