Ritual to eliminate need for sleep

I just started working a full-time job and combine that with eating and getting ready/hygiene it takes up almost 10 hours a day. I’m annoyed that I barely have enough time to do anything I want to productive outside of work with my life.

I’ve been thinking about performing some sort of ritual to either end completely or stifle my need for sleep. Obviously I want to be at a normal energetic functioning level of existence without sleep, which includes acute mental functions like cognitive thinking, reactions, memory, and other things. Additionally, I would want to heal physically as you do with sleep. Are there any risks or downsides to doing such a ritual that yall could think of?

For those saying “Why dont you just do a ritual to bring more money in your life duh” I’m working on that but it takes time and losing 8-12 hours a day is such a waste even while working fewer hours.


Sorry, but there is no ritual that will remove your need for sleep. It’s a biological imperative for humans, and not even methamphetamines can keep you awake forever. If you want to be more productive, though, one option is polyphasic sleep.


You gotta sleep, so I would focus on efficiency, and also try working with Metatron to expand your available time.

Are you really doing something all day at work, or could you get away with other tasks? Where can you cut out inefficiencies everywhere?

Metatron (or a sigil from Words of Power) with the power to manipulate time is more powerful than you may think.

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On the book of 72 angels of magick by Damon brand there is an angel who help to get the time you want if you are stuck in busy schedule like that.

I forgot the name but you may pass through the book.

Kalbhairav is a hindu deity.
Who control time he is time god
You can get his help with this

Do you have any experience with KalBhairav or you are just saying it because it has time in its name

I would recommend combine with yoga or yoga, be on no fap, veg food etc ,hose kinds of those energy raising stuff .

I dont know that you can find any material on internet to do working with the mighty god KalBhairav

So yogi say you dont need to much water sleep, so why do doctors recommend that, bitch if you gonna fap all day, exhaust and tear yourself in negative , emtional diminish , then you gonna need whole reset everyday

Its more of a internall lifestyle

And one can also take help of God Ganesha as he promotes instantaneous of knowldge action presence etc in humans

Do the maths weekly that daily you are getting some growth, and soon create machines of passive so its doesnt takr away your active time

And maybe a diety to help you with time in a godly way you might need a strong stability(maybe)

And if you know of any working with KalBhairav share with me too

I am sorry, i cannot share my chants and process here in group or anyone. It is forbidden to me.
Good luck with working with kalbhairav .

I work with him for 2 years now so yes.

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Lack of sleep is going to screw up your concentration and eventually you will go utterly insane. Take it from someone who’s suffered from something similar to a sleeping disorder. Let alone it’ll affect your magick in my opinion cause it’ll hinder your concentration and just all around energy levels. I work a night shift at a gym and one night I made the mistake of chugging two monster energy drinks so I ended up spending the whole night and next day awake. Next night at work I was so dead of energy it was exhausting to simply text people.

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As others have said, sleep is vital. I would strongly advise against trying any ritual to eliminate the need for sleep- as I am certain that that need cannot be eliminated. In my view, attempting to do so would probably just give you atrocious insomnia.

I would suggest instead focussing on being able to get to sleep quickly and sleeping deeply and restfully.
There is a ritual in Healing Magick by Rose Manning that I found very helpful for getting to sleep quickly (although staying asleep took more work).

I believe a few weeks ago someone posted a sigil and incantation that members who tried it found helped them get to sleep very quickly, but I can’t seem to find it now. If anyone remembers this and happens to have a link to it, the OP may benefit from it.

I had same thing if it comes to need of sleep when i was doing my 34 days of ritual to belial. My method was simple to not feel the tired and sleepy. Pain…

I know how its sounds but for me it was working but not always. I was hitting my back with lether belt hard but not too hard.

Mostly it was doing the work and i wasnt tired or sleepy but in some case when i was going back to home from work (afternoon shift so i was about 22:30 i my home) when i was so tired i was doing that thing with belt but… i felt pain yet when i was too tired the pain just gone in a half of minute. I was trinking energydrinks they didnt work for me cuz i was drinking them a lot

So pain to wake you up and feel unsleepy is good but for while. I was trying to chant the black flame but it doesnt work. Or you can try to give yourself good emotions like laugh for me it too was working. I dont know any ritual for feeling unsleepy :frowning:

Look at ‘matter’ and how the nature of reality exists in and of waves and cycles. The sun goes down and the moon comes up. Humans need sleep, same as every other animal on earth :slight_smile:

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Maybe my vampire path by suck that extra sleep energy from other people(i dont know about this path till now just Assumption)

Sleep is important you can’t get away from it and even if you do for a while you’d probably pass out from exhaustion or develop complications.

Short of somehow getting a rare inherited genetic disorder like FFI (Fatal Familial Insomnia) there’s no way to get rid of sleep for human beings or any other animal species on this planet and if you look that extremely rare genetic disease you’ll know why you don’t want to stop sleeping forever (as the disease name implies it’s literally fatal if it happens). You’ll also know why besides the fatality part of it you don’t want it if you read on it or watch a show on it (not sure if it was on a Dateline or 2020 or where I saw it but I learned about its existence off a tv show.

So trust me you need sleep. With that said, you CAN train your body to get by on less sleep (but you’ll still need 5-7 hours depending on your genetics. Now I didn’t intentionally train myself but I find 6 hrs usually is fine for me but if I get less then 6 hrs I’m a moajor sourpuss (I read somewhere that most people need at least 7 hrs sleep to be at their best. Note I said at least)

To train for less sleep it’ll take weeks or longer to adapt and it’s best not to get less then 6 hrs. Start by cutting back 5-10 mins at a time and keeping at at that gut a week or more and progressively reduce your sleep that way IF you need to.

Disclaimer: just because 6 is my magick number does not mean it’s yours for all I know you could need 8 hrs
(There are even some people in the world that need 12 hrs sleep). That’s why I recommend slowly cutting back incrementally if you decide to try and sleep less. I also add that if cutting back on sleep affects your performance of daily tasks in any way shape or form increase your sleeping time and get more sleep in that case.

Other then that, maybe meditate before bed so your body starts off already slightly rested before you fall asleep from the meditating. It might cut down how much sleep you need if you do that (I’m not promising or guaranteeing that).