Ritual to bring rain

Hello guys! I need a ritual to make it rain … Here where I live is very hot and complicated because my mother has multiple sclerosis so the heat makes her look really bad … I’m still a beginner and I do not think a reliable site with one ritual for rain …

I already researched here in the forum, but the ritual I found I can not do


I’d recommend doing some healing rites for your mother instead tbh. Try calling on Archangel Raphael.


hello there. i do have a few reccomendations for spirits you could call on to help with the rain and with your mums pain

In relation to healing I know how to follow!

But in relation to complication time.

But if it’s a ritual with an entity I accept, but evocation does not give because I still do not know how to make evocation

well then ill giude you through the process of evocation if you want and there is a lot of information on how to get started with evocations on the forum

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Have you looked into the Native American Rain Dance?

Also you might find somthing in Druidic works.


Yes … I am in meditation practice … I have a lot of material saved from the forum!

Where can I find a good source on Druidic works??

Oh boy good question. I just tend to get lucky and stumble across books and info.

There is an section on this site for Druid work. Surprisingly you can find some good books in bookstores like Barns & Nobels, the sections tends to be tucked in a corner normaly called metiphycal or new age.

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Thanks everyone for the answers.

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Always happy to help.

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Check out the Taoist Weather Magick thread. There are some videos there that might be useful.


The first Spell I ever cast was a Rain spell. I don’t even remember how I did it.

Bael is one of the best for rain and as others have said work with Archangel Raphael for healing.

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Rituals for rain are the oldest in Witchcraft however bringing forth rain will not solve your mother’s illness. Try a ritual with Marbas in mind to bring about health in someone close. Marbas is an exceptional healer and he is one who can reverse the plight of illness and bring one back to a state of wellness.

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my furfur is the king of starms all u need to do is ask

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I reliable method i use is one i learned from a few stormcallers, basically you “Call” a storm by singing or whistling to it while turning a a bowl of water, the intention is to call rain from somewhere else but remember that you will at some point return the rain.

Here on the forum there is also a fellow who set up threads ob=n Taoism weather magick which i have found to be quite potent as well.

Honestly there is just so much on storm magick as it is a essential part of all magick from around the world, all you have to do is look.


The rituals I use for weather require knowledge and experience working directly with elemental energy and direct manipulation of energy such as the techniques you find in Initiation to Hermetics and a mix of qigong type techniques. My healing techniques also rely on direct manipulation of energy but a good simple method healing is to condense vital energy in your hands with healing intent and project it as a beam of light into the patient and area to treat and see the condition reverse itself. It takes a bit of practice and can take a bit of time to get results at first but is a safe general technique until you learn more specific advanced forms.
With rain you would basically use a combination of water and earth elements as well as ritual gesture and words to program and raise the intent and emotions for rain into the energy before you project it out into the region you are attempting to change.