Ritual Sit ins

Ok so recently I got into a relationship within the past month. During the beginning we got to talking and I found out that my new girlfriend had an interest in magick due to experiences in her past. This ended up leading to her sitting in on various rituals I’ve been doing within the past few weeks so she can see what it is I really do.

While channeling Paralda and Belial on different nights she was sitting next to me and she ended up just watching and not being able to do anything until I ended the dialogue with Paralda. When channeling Belial she told me that she had been sitting there uncontrollably making angry faces at me and ended up passing out and having a strange vision of her looking down from the top of a stair way at her shoe sitting on one of the steps.

During two evocations, (one with Micheal and another with Clauneck) She sat in on those and ended up having little to no memory of what I said or did but more like there was just a time lapse around the time the respective spirits appeared to me and the end of the ritual.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has had similar experiences with people or what might cause these phenomenon to occur. I’m under the assumption that she’s telling me the truth about her experiences because she’s not that great of a liar lol.

What do you guys think?

Edit: I’m curious because I’ve never had anyone sit in with me when doing any kind of magick before. It’s always been a private thing and I’m wondering if this is normal.

Teach her how to shield and protect herself (or do it for her) and this sort of thing should stop. She’s obviously very open, and obviously lacking any kind of control. Boundaries need to be drawn, even if you draw them on her behalf.

Reminds me of a glass resonating when your stereo hits a certain note, I think she needs to be either in or out, but many women are first rate receptives of spiritual energy (in this case her guard’s down towards you because she has feelings for you) - this is ref: the Law of Gender in the Kybalion, for example, the female energy is the passive receptive energy which gives actual manifest birth to things, while the male energy is the active will behind it.

Obviously we all have plenty of both, women have the ability to will spirits to obey, and men can receive/channel and manifest etc, I’m not talking about social gender roles or biological determinism, just the energetic/magickal side of things.

You could have a first rate magickal partner there is she’s having this stuff happen without even really trying for it? I work with my partner sometimes, it’s always a great experience, and there’s the whole world of sex magick to explore as well, loads of possibilities!

@trkl I don’t think I’m going to have her do anything like that. I don’t use any kind of protection with these beings either. These are my allies, my co-conspirators. Putting up barriers between these forces and myself let alone her is just like saying we don’t like them and giving rise to conflict with them. I’ve been trying to teach her techniques of peacefully asserting spiritual authority like drawing in power and light as a means of asserting her own godhood and taking control of her experience. She’s getting it so I’m not worried. She just needs practice.

@ Lady Eva I don’t think she’s trying to have any particular kind of experience. She just comes in as a curious observer. She wants to learn and I’m starting to teach her what I know. Thank you for the insight. It is much appreciated. I think I’m going to hold off on having her there when I do rituals until she has more control over what she experiences because I remember EA saying something along the lines of normal people observing ritual usually have chaotic experiences and it doesn’t really serve them much in an interview or something. The closest she’s ever been to magick before me was television so I’m gonna start getting serious about teaching her since she’s serious about learning.