Ritual Review: The Rite of Sovereign

The rite in mention is taken from Enoch Petrucelly’s book The Book of Soul Retrieval. I performed this rite a year ago, but felt slightly pushed to mention it today. Which is odd because I disagree with the whole notion of “soul retrieval”. Here goes.

The premise is to work with Set and Seker to take back your sovereignty from false light beings. It is in the same flavor as JS Garrett reverse baptism.

This may be the most physically powerful ritual I have ever done. (~4 years of experience). There is a part where you declare your intent. When I declared my will, I literally felt electricity shock my hands. It hurt and honestly, I felt that it would fuck my heart lol. The electricity ran up through my arms, and they felt numb - like my arms suddenly were a marionette doll. The electricity hung out in my chest area and shot down through my legs. My legs were bent slightly, to prevent passing out. Then turned inward and I felt as if my weight was infinite. I felt like I was going to collapse into a weird ass abstract point and fall through the ground.
I then felt something (false light beings) gather and get really fucking mad. Like a pissed off parent breathing down your neck. I got the vibe it wanted to intimidate me into quitting, which is pretty shitty parenting in my opinion.
I then felt like I was in a museum , or on a platform of sorts. “All the world is a stage” was the feel.
For some fucking reason, I started to laugh. I couldn’t help it. It felt like a naughty thing to do, so I did it. I then felt the “audience” start to laugh too. I really felt like I was gonna die, no shit. Fuck it! I thought “fuck it” and kept going.
After the rite, I felt like I had been scrubbed clean. I did not really feel lighter, but felt less limited.

It was so subtle, the actual effect and not the ritual pizzazz. Simply, I have largely forgotten about the JCI egregore “god”. It was today that I thought “when was the last time I have felt anxiety concerning JCI stuff”? It has been about a year, and was one of the best rituals I have ever done.

For whoever needed to read this, here ya go!