Ritual release of anger


I’m looking for a way to connect this to healing of chakras. Sort of like removing blockages. Any theories or experiences would be welcome of course.


Maybe throw it out on somebody through a simple baneful candle magic ritual ? :slight_smile:


Hey KYRA, and I thought I had the corner market on anger issues!!!

Here’s what works for me: First, I established where anger comes from - I realized that ALL anger is rooted in one thing - the sense that my Will for Self was being threatened, overruled, disrespected ot otherwise bound. The Seat of Self- Will & communicating Self-Will: THROAT CHAKRA

So I gather up all that anger and all my reasons for that anger; whip it into a frenzy and have myself a good old-fashioned raging, screaming fit. And I don’t let up until I cannot scream anymore; I utterly exhaust myself. Before you do this, be aware you will likely generate some poltergeist-like activity in your vicinity, so do it while the family is out of the house … -OR- (my personal preference, when its an option) outside. There is something wonderfully cleansing & empowering about doing this out in the forest. Like you are a thunderstorm! :wink: Z

PS: Once you’ve purged yourself, I think its a good idea to spend a few minutes firming up, clarifying and re-establishing YOUR Will and impressing it upon that throat chakra and sealing it in. Speak it aloud to yourself with firmess & conviction to reorient your mind back on the Goal.


I myself have found the best way to release pent up anger is to direct it at those who made you angry in the first place. In ritual (or even daydreaming about the person in question) it will naturally flow from you. Almost as if it wants to return from where it came.


@Hrajnoha: that’s indeed something I want to try in the future, but right now I want to focus more on myself and the healing aspect.

@Zoe: LOL and save me a spot in that anger corner. The more I dig the more memories come back that make me want to burst out in flames.

What a great insight that the will of self is situated in the throat chakra, I always connected it solely to the root chakra. They are of course all connected, but the expression of will must indeed go via the throat chakra.

Some good old fashioned primal scream therapy now rekindled with Magick by Zoe. LOL I must say I really feel attracted to it. I’ve tried screaming before, but never really went all the way and I already felt exhausted afterwards. Hm, I guess I could try to end it with a meditating session breathing in universal light and your re-establishing technique.


Hey, KYRA, y’know … I kinda like the idea of incorporating Hrajnoha’s & Seeker’s respective practices into my own - a sort of Trifecta, if you will. I mean, can we say “All-Inclusive” here??? :wink: Z


Do you have Baneful Magick Zoe? The ritual release of hatred in there would be perfect your all in deal >:)


Nope, not yet! EA is very new to me, so all I currently have is the Ebook and BoA (ordered). Guess I’ll hafta work my way backward and accumulate a collection… :wink: Z