Ritual one gordon book help

So I performed ritual one from demons of Magick…
One with bime and one with king paimon…
The book states to write the petition in present tense… My question is should I add a time frame? Like within a month for the petition to realise… Or just let as it is.
Thanks for your insight.

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Yes. State a timeframe. Otherwise the demons may decide to do it years from now. They will still do it just in their time. Unless you state otherwise



You should state a flexible timeframe. Because some things need their own time to happen, especially since King Paimon is a great strategist, he always waits for the best time to act.

But as stated above, since that time could come in X years, you should set a flexible timeframe, just to make sure.

:+1: I will redo the petition with an appropriate time frame.

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That is why you make your petition in the present terms.