Ritual Of The Blue Flame

I guess it’s time to offer another ritual as I said I would in exchange for help from others? Ok.

Ingredients :
Blue Candle
Blue Cloth
Blue Clothing (See a pattern here?)
Sigil of Entity you want to work with on this ritual.
Protective measures : Quartz shield, Other item.
Sea Salt
Black Mirror / Scrying Mirror
Ritual Knife

Ritual Precautions :
Do not use this ritual if you have a hard time keeping yourself together when opening your third eye. This is not for beginners and will not help you in your path if you are not ready.

Drink lots of water and visualize it healing you throughout the day.

Do not use this ritual outside or in the view of someone else.

Let us begin?

Steps To Ritual :

  1. Put on your blue clothing.

  2. Lay out the blue cloth you have chosen.

  3. Put the blue candle directly in the center of the cloth.

  4. Place the Sigil of the entity you are wanting to work with at eye view.

  5. Enclose the cloth in a circle of salt with the sigil.

  6. Sit outside of the circle of salt.

  7. Focus on your third eye being present and open, once you feel you have succeeded, you may light the candle.

  8. Focus on the sigil until you have memorized it’s angles and directions and numbers. Close your eyes and visualize it burned into your sight forever.

  9. Once you have felt the presence of the sigil / entity, focus on breathing and as you breathe focus on building yourself up to what you are meant to be.

  10. Begin to visualize a fire in front of you, where the sigil should have been, imagine the fire growing and growing in size. Almost uncontrollably, raging outward and inward.

  11. Focus on the flame becoming blue, almost white. Let it become powerful and bright.

  12. Once you can no longer make the flame brighter / more vibrant, reach into the flame and pull out it’s essence. Visualize this to the best of your ability.

  13. Once you have grabbed the essence of the flame, focus on it surrounding you… Starting with your arms, to your chest, to your neck to your head and so on.

  14. If this becomes to draining, please stop and try again another day. It is not the most pleasant ritual to begin with.

  15. Focus on the flames mounting across your shoulders as if your throat chakra, crown, and third eye are the controller of the flames universe.

  16. Focus on the ability to mold the flame and bend it to your will, moving it from your shoulders to your hands, form it into a ball, make constructs. Do whatever you’d like.

  17. Once you have become aware and able to perceive / mold the flame, focus on it becoming a permanent part of your being. A shield for the unknown.

  18. Please always remember, you and the entity you have chosen to work with will always be closer going forward and you have chosen them to be your guardian in times of desperation. Always show respect.

I hope this helps you on your journey.

Edit :

I forgot to mention what the mirror and ritual knife are for, they are there for your sub-conscious. Whatever helps you see right? :slight_smile:


Intetesting ritual. You mention blue clothing and cloth does the color pertain to the deity that you are trying to summon or does the color pertain to another part of the ritual?

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No. The blue is to help you visualize yourself becoming engulfed in the flame. It’s more of a sub-conscious trigger. I don’t want to ruin it for you lol. But this ritual is all about the right state of mind.

The entity you choose should be one you’ve worked with previously though and had good outcomes from. Makes it go smoother and less draining on your psyche.


This is excellent, and very fascinating, most of the Divine Flames don’t get much press besides the Black Flame and sometimes the White Flame on occasion (although not usually directly), but this is an exquisite exercise for the Blue Flame, and even the inclusion of the protective essence of its complementary Blue Ray used for both Power and Protection.

The specific inclusion of the sword and mirror are very powerful, the sword for the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram utilizing the Watchtowers of Truth, the Boeotian Muses tied to the Azure Flame, and the mirror tied to the Abyss which would definitely fit wonderfully here, even if for a scrying capacity.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the excellent work!


What’s with all the salt? Couldn’t it be done without? I only use salts for aggressive malignants if they come around.

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How many flame type rituals are there?

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Technically there are several Godflame rituals for each of the Seven Godflames especially when technically there are 10 Godflames where the extra three are secondary versions of the Black, White, and Opal Godflames being the Obsidian, Pearl, and Diamond Godflames respectively. This is a fairly standard degree ritual for the flames, the more advanced ones require some serious ritual prep, but this one is an excellent one for Attunement to them and using their charge for specific tasks.


Every part of this is to get your sub-conscious mind into the right state.

I understand the purpose of the ritual…I want to know what the function of the salt is.

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I answered you. It has no purpose other than what your sub-conscious makes it’s purpose.

Steps five and six enclose the sigil in salt.
Not my gig. I will try the ritual sans salt.

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I dont think you’re getting what I’m saying…

The sub-conscious mind is affected by your actions. Encircling a protective circle with salt, would definitely affect your sub-conscious. Would it not?

What are each of the Godsflames and what are the rituals of each Godsflames in ascending order. Please. Thanks again. Or at least tell me where I can find this information.

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I don’t know if he’s talking about the same thing this ritual is a reference to. But in Druidry, there are seven flames associated with opening your chakra waves.

Each of them corresponding to a different elemental magick / element in nature.

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I see. Makes since.

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Salt is meant as a symbol of purification and as a symbol to aid in protecting the casting circle.

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I didn’t really wanna get into that lol. I think all of ritual practice is based on the sub-conscious.

Example : You summon Azazel… I don’t think you want sunflowers and rainbows around you.

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Purification. Gotcha.

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Speak for yourself. I’m asking Azazel for rainbows, sunshine AND kittens. Dammit.


Smoke catnip and hail Lucipurrrrr