Ritual of The Black Widow

Last night my beloved Santa Muerte came to me in a dream and revealed to me a spell, which I would like to share.

-A jar
-A black widow and a breeding mate
-Four black candles
-Your intent
-Pictures of you and your target

Quick note: I am male but the spell seems tailored towards females that seek revenge on an ex partner . I am working with and study narcissists at the current time and was the victim of a female narcissist so that might have influenced the dream. My best friend is also suffering from a person that is diagnosed with NPD.

Step one: Put the black widow and the breading mate into the jar.
Step two: Place the Jar upon the two pictures
Step three: Light the four black candles (one in each cardinal direction) and invoke the elements in your way
(optional: if you are a follower of Santa Muerte invoke her as well)
Step four: consecrate your animals and create the sympathetic link by naming the black widow with your name and the breading mate with your targets name (note the consecration should be similar to a baptism)
Step Five: Speak your curse for example: “As you thrust into me I take your energy, as you give me your energy I am free, when I eat you, you are powerless. When I eat our children I take the last pieces of your essence and bind you to my will.” Or something similar.

Observations: I noticed that this curse is highly symbolic and the women reclaims here position of power and finally defeats the harasser as well as breaks free from his bonds. Some people abuse sex to manipulate others and by the black widow eating its target you are breaking free of the manipulation put on you. Have a nice Day!