Ritual of the aligning with the divine,straighting your spine and silance the mind (ritual that will help with meditation)

this ritual will make it easier to meditate
it will break the chains of lack of trust and doubts and clear mental blockages
the ritual should be repeated until you stick with it i feel like a good 3 weeks will be good,its your choice

starting you should sit in a comfortable place
drink chamomile tea
and lit a green candle
light lavander incense
and do these yoga poses you can aslo do a complete yoga session
then get into the lotus position
and then do this mudra or choose one of this (i use that in the image and the prayer mudra more than any mudra https://chopra.com/articles/10-powerful-mudras-and-how-to-use-them)

and start calling upon lucifer by charging with sigil

“i call upon the state of enlightment,the representacion of enlightment the solar force,the venusian force,the celestial and the infernal,light and darkness,”

renich tasa uberaca biasa icar lucifer
itz lanta ma’kala lucifer
chant both chants 3 times

"oh great lord lucifer i call you with the intent to help me to make my meditations easier,silance my mind,straighted the spine and align with the divine,dear lucifer clear all of blockages inner and external
atum’van’kgus es ir’quis maru kalu es luciferis
lucifer help me enlight me with meditation "

then chant the mantra of awareness which is


feel golden sphere of light above your head,the place that the crown chakra lies
observe dont judge
see do not attach
live in present no tommorow nor past
you can try these meditations too http://www.kundaliniyoga.org/Meditation
i suggest pranayama highly


I like this!! I’m gonna skip on the Yoga though…


To show you how on point you are:

There is an exercise in a Secret order (OAA) where you vizualize a golden sphere of light above your head and pull it’s energy into your throat chakra and vibrate the Mantra.


Given that you have never seen the manuscript yet you were able to access the same info tells me that you are on point indeed with your senses.

Keep it up and keep talking with your familiar


The same exercise is actually recorded in various eastern traditions as well with various mantras based on culture and even variations to work on different chakras. Most secret orders borrow from much older texts and put their own spin on things. The original things they come up with likely aren’t recorded or are built upon skills and rituals built from the systems their founders originally started in.

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Whether or not the technique was already in a ancient manuscript or not/or if you’ve already seen it before somewhere and simply forgot/or if Satan shitted it out his Thorny Asshole and brought it to you

You’re on point with your senses. Keep up the good work. Keep going.


Should also note there are seven specific poses, one for each chakra here https://blog.spiritvoyage.com/7-kundalini-yoga-postures-to-clear-the-chakras/
and various different styles of Yoga have different ones for the chakras and often multiples for each chakra but these are fairly simple ones to start out with along with proper breathing will do wonders. I find half lotus works good too for the times you aren’t flexible enough for the full lotus.
Little tip would be to visualize the light and energy of each chakra while working on its poses.

wow man! i really dont even read any books of magic if i had the freedom i would had read a lot at the same time reading from a small phone screen pdf is boring i mostly channel

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