Ritual Locations

So I am preparing a ritual for Andromalius.
Still gotta do more studies and figure out what I want from this spirit.
I like Andromalius because I used to be a lying thief son of a bitch.
I admit this.
Its like facing your fears in my opinion.

Anyways I picked out this nice spot at an abandoned culta sack.
Never got developed.
My only concern is attracting attention.
Or if it gets interrupted.
Or what if a beast attacks me?
I live in southern Texas.
Wild boars are everywhere.

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An outside location isn’t going to work. Wind is a factor and will blow out every candle you light, insects, onlookers walking there dog every 30 seconds.

Your ritual should be performed where you are comfortable and private that will provide some security. My advice is use your room, you do not have to have a permanent alter. Get a box and store your alter items under your bed or perhaps in your closet. That way you have complete privacy and no one has to know what you are doing.