Rites of Consecration...?

So while going over the ‘Rites of Consecration’ in Evoking Eternity (in CW) it states or suggests that I do the consecration just prior to the ritual. Now once I consecrate the temple, alter, chalic, and dagger do I need to do the consecration ritual of said items every time I do a ritual or am I good with ‘One-time’ consecration ritual of the alter, chalice, and dagger?

It really depends on you, by consecrating every time it helps deepen the ritual experience and build up a deeper theta-gamma sync so I do it every ritual. If you can slip in and out then you probably don’t need to do it that way

As Soundwave writes, and perhaps your experimentation can show what works better…
although in EE the idea of consecrate initially as a stand-alone, and then each time prior to the ritual (as you reference) ahead of the rite (on day of) and let sit for an hour or a few… (like the turn-around and don’t look back, that EA referred to in recent Newsletter… setting the context at the beginning, vs at the end as that N/L states it).

and then in the actual Rite one sort of “re-affirms” it (which kind of mentally-traces it, thus another consecration) he mentions in one of them EE or WoD or interview (?) that it is a activation of Omnipotence-ThetaGemma shift… mind set shift.

(thus not so much the magick Worker doing the work, but the “consecrated” tools doing the Work… relying upon our cultural Tech-Tools bias) In addition to the mind set… and preparatory energetic-physiological state change: by starting with sending energy in and through you. By the time you’ve done just those steps, perhaps the Blood-chemistry, hormones/glands and breathing altering.

I think that is some of the tactical aspects in that (from what EA wrote/mentioned in places), but meaning it Needs to be done- I don't sense it is needed perse.  Issue being trying different combos of method-steps; what are the subjective and objective results of.

I like the idea that you suggested Soundwave. Doing it every time during the ritual would definitely deepen the experience, and may very well increase the eventual result. I’m gonna do it every time and see what happens and see what works best. Thank you all.