Rite to become a powerful Infernal Demon

Here it is, right as it says on the tin. Through a channeling dialogue with my Shadow I have gained a great rite of power. I’d like to include what my wise Shadow (who I made contact with the help of Azazel**) had to say about this rite and a lot about the Infernal current and its demons.

Here an excerpt of the dialogue with the stuff in it. The long quote is a direct quote from my Shadow, no paraphrasing, its a dictation, so it has a-lot of interesting stuff in it. The rite itself continues below but I encourage a good read of this quote, its very enlightening, especially for those who are new to all this.

Me: “So does this rite make you become one with the Infernal? Or does it become one with you?”

My Shadow: “Both. There is little difference, you consume it and it consumes you! However, this does not mean you lose your individuality. Look at the demons for example. They are all individuals, yet united by the commonality of the infernal current. They are all infernal, but have unique personalities, likes and dislikes. Alas they are “shapeless” but this is not a bad thing. For if they are shapeless, then they can shape themselves to look however they like! This is moreso the nature of all spirits as energy, occult energy, is rather fungible, alas the more energy a spirit consumes, the more they have for themselves. The power of the infernal current, it’s energy, is something the demons bask in, for it is darkly nourishing. And it can do very much the same thing for a black magician, such as yourself. With the proper rites and words of power of course, which I give to you now:

Take an inverted pentagram, a general symbol of the Infernal current and empire, colored in black and red.* Gaze into it as you would any sigil. See it flash. All the while, recite these words of power:

Azarilakazay Orus Un Tiago (Az-are-rill-ah-kaz-ay Or-oos Un Tee-ah-go)

Feel the infernal energy enter your being, consumed by your heart. Likewise as your heart and being consume it, it shall consume you. It will feel wonderful and powerfully invigorating.

Chiefly, becoming a great infernal demon, a high-ranking member of the Infernal elite. Also heightened psychic senses and magick power.

Secondary benefits that will come more so with time, assuming regular practice:

Demonic familiars

High sex drive and aura of seduction.

Looks of fear from those of the JCI paradigm

Welcome arms from all manner of demons, high ranking or low ranking

Innate thaumaturgical powers (“wonder working” in the layman’s jargon) further down the line

Spiritual (astral) reconfiguration of your being (“classic” demonic traits, though much of this is up to your choosing regarding specifics)

God-like power and will power (manifesting itself in your magick and thaumaturgical practice.)”

I just finished doing this and MAN, the whole pentagram sigil turned pitch black before my eyes and damn was I absorbed. Vision became fuzzy around the sigil. About halfway into it I started to feel pressure on my third eye, felt like something was almost prying it open. To top the rite off, I had this feeling to let the dark energy enter my third eye and so I visualized some being sucked out of the pentagram into my eye and heart burning with the infernal energy. Third eye still feels kinda funny but not as much as it did during the rite. Nightly practice is key according to my shadow.

One last thing, Shadow says to sleep with the sigil under your pillow for (“wonderfully fiery dreams”)

*thick black lines, red filling.

**A loooong overdue thanks to Azazel and the person he shared the shadow ritual with on this forum! Thanks Azazel!

Yours truly,

Rayne & his Shadow.


How does a rite give you a rank within the infernal? Do the leaders of the infernal approve of it prior to the rite? or do you earn it? :thinking:


“As you grow in infernal energetic power, you gain in rank” - Shadow

I take this to mean your “rank” in the Infernal empire is dependent on how much power you can exert as a magician/demon. Hence this is a daily practice and you grow in power over time and thus your rank changes accordingly.

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So it’s an initiation into the Infernal’s military?


From what I gather, kind of like a military nobility. I think it depends on how much you immerse yourself into the rites power.

Edit: From what I know, the infernal empire is quite a militaristic thing in of itself. Like, a king is basically a leader of an army or legion. From what my shadow has told me (being a self described “middle man” between the demonic and me) this rite is a path to infernal kingship.

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So yeah basically you earn through practice and absorption of the infernal energy current.

This is very similar to what I did with Azazel, I raised my power quite high beyond the nirvana point, and next thing I know I’m put through a test and then ranking up. Azazel has had me working quite a bit beforehand though, the journey hasn’t been easy so far.


the word az-are, its pronounced azare? or is azari pronounced without the letter e?

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The way I pronounce it is Az-ar-ill-ah-kah-zay. Azarilakazay is one word. I think I may have mistyped the pronunciation earlier. Just go with this one. :slight_smile:


How does one know what there rank is is the part of this I’m confused about

I would encourage you to do more research about the hierarchy.

But if you want to lower yourself, you do you.

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Wdym lower myself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes I know the hierarchy but I mean how does one know if they are still for example a duke or if they went up one

Cause I don’t see how anyone can go and say I’m a king of hell like all Willy nilly

My only guesses: intuition and ofc maybe asking your deities especially if they’re infernal beings they’d probably know

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I took this rite to be more and empowerment and full initiation ritual than a disembodying endeavor. I’m not directly an infernal legionaire, but I can tell you from my experience that there are “ranking systems” in some way. Infernals universally respect only one thing. Power. The other thing they like, is when people “join them”. You’ll be treated better by the empire if you’re a part of it, and you’ll be treated well if you’re also powerful.

I’m unclear on my current diplomatic standings wit the empire as a whole, but I do feel that when I upgrade myself, or accomplish something good, I literally get a boost in “rank” somehow which is ultimately based on respect. How much How much lords respect you is your rank if you’re a part of the empire. I’m, well, eh, not a part of it directly. So my version of whatever rank they give me is just merit, not cooperation or initiation into their currents.

If you do want to be a part of their system, full initiation into their nurturing currents sounds like an easy way to make friends. Being in a physical body tends to amplify the progress of grounding the empowerment too.


Ay, end of the day, if people want to be absorbed by the infernal current instead of building their own as Soveriegns, they’ll be evokable. I prefer working with the spirits of people who are incarnated anyway, shit gets done a lot faster when the things you’re working with are actually “here”.

What are the results of your power so far?