Rite Of Infernal Charging Sigils Through The Emperor's Alchemy. (Photos)

The Aim Of The Ritual.

So my main demon I always work with is Lucifer, I am also now working with Bael.
I consulted Lucifer on the pathworking I’d be doing with Bael. Lucifer was more than happy to help.

Lucifer explained that because he is the infernal emperor I could have more of a influence and better working with Bael.

Lucifer said these exact words.

“Place the mark of Bael, the one of my many kings, place it inside the crown of the Emperor, which is I. Once placed there anoint my vessel and the mark of Bael with blood and semen, I will usurp my infernal power from the hell realms and create a circuit, through which I shall open the sigil as a powerful infernal talisman and gateway for working with Bael”.

The Ritual.

I added blood on the wick of the candles and combined the gates of blood and flame.
I anointed Lucifer’s vessel the ram skull with my blood and semen, I then began reciting Lucifer’s enn.

Afterwards I held up bael’s sigil and opened it partially, as I was told not to fully activate it needs to be in a state of part open and part charging. I then anointed the sigil with only semen no blood as instructed.

I then placed Bael’s sigil on the skull, Lucifer began pushing a strange current through the flames of the candles and gems.

He was creating a energy grid of infernal power, the energies of light and the energies of darkness. This is Lucifer’s triad so he began surging it through, I then structured a energy funnel towards Bael’s sigil.

I was then instructed to gaze at both the sigil and the vessel and vibrate both Lucifers name and Bael’s name.

I then pushed power through my Zeal chakra towards the sigils and vessel stating outloud.

"King Bael you’re emperor rises to greet you, Emperor Lucifer, employ your forbidden powers of transmutation. Through the powers of light, darkness and infernal glory the unholy trinity is risen. Through these elements I the operator and Lucifer the emperor transmute and transfuse the material and memory of the sigil of Bael.

I place the scepter of the King, upon the crown of the emperor ".

As soon as I stated that, i entered a deep rapture state I saw the circulating energies supercharging the sigil. The energies were so intense the semen was absorbing into the paper at rapid speeds, using my semen as a catalyst for the alchemy of Lucifer.

I now have the sigil sitting there undergoing some advanced alchemy, not just becoming a potent sigil, not just a open gateway, but a magickal technology unparalleled to any manmade technology, a godly talisman.

The Photos.

The unusual thing is my phone is the Huawei 20matepro which has a very advanced A.I. camera it was freaking out and couldn’t even focus on anything huh interesting.

The seal right now is like a black hole spinning and usurping all the energy, the mere material of the paper is being infused with power, even from my bed there is a huge aura burning from across the room.

Anyway thought id share with you all.