Ring of the infernal gatekeepers

I have a huge ritual coming up this Halloween bigger and more intense than the lake of fire / gatekeeper ritual.

Anyway for this I want to bind the gatekeepers and their powers into the ring, to act like a key for the demonic gateways.

What are your thoughts ?.


@C.Kendall fuck I wish I was there doing this ritual with you brother!


Much appreciated brother same here.

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Lucifer told me this was possible but i wouldn’t use the word “bind” since I can’t imagine they would like the idea of someone trying bind them.

Do you have a ring picked out?


Well I don’t mean the forceful binding but I get what you mean just couldn’t think of another word for it :joy:.

But yeah it’s a solid sterling silver ring.


I was reading an old grimore and it had this ritual to bind demonic kings in urns.

Here lies Steve
He tried to put Belial in a pot
It didn’t go well

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Does this have any connection to E. A. 's group working. That he has invited through his vid posts for any and all to attend… That is if you can make it to Utah from wherever the individuals of the Black Lodge and balgs forum… I am increasingly attaining one desire after another through magick and have now considered setting a detailed goal for that time period… It’s only fitting that 2 years nearly to the day it’s been since I had obsessively read your posted tread titled becoming a wolf…

For those who have no idea to what I’m referring to, I will briefly enlighten those who may yet experience something similar…
Well. 2 years this October marks an event that I know consider monumental. In my heinsight…
And Forgive me @C.Kendall for yet again name dropping you and retelling this story, but I still can not stress the unrecognized importance in my life at that time…ill explain why…

After undergoing what I still consider to be the single most intense sensation I have felt( all experiences considered), The Kundalini raising, and even more so an accidental awakening of the kunda spike… Had been an experience that to this day I know I will be conversing about in debt for an eternity…

But I digress… My cognative capacity had hardly evolved past the thoughts of ones immidiate survival and instinctual happiness… (basically walked around with only my root chakra open)… Which if any experienced soul Travel adept with concur, that the very type of consciousness perception is shared by all base level etheric beings… Such as animals like mammals, and flocks of birds… This can be expected and experienced while traveling to the casual realm which to my recent discovery has 2 levels…

Holy crap anyway… Adhd much anyone?
After a surreal mind fuck phenomenon occurred… That legit had physical undeniable occurrences that thrust me. Into research as curiosity peaked within me…

I soon stumbled upon BALG forum and upon @C.Kendall and his postings…
One day a Particularly long post or thread had stood out to me so immidiately, I opened up a topic titled “becoming a wolf”
This long detailed account of a modern day sorcerer experimenting with transfiguration blew me away with how… Well genuine and true it felt as I read it… In fact… I couldn’t stop reading… I must have read every topic possible that evening… Little did I know my path to the left had begun…today I have 2 years DEDICATED practise,

My life and self has never been the same… But I have not wanted to look back even once ever since that infernal day of beginnings.
HAIL Satan
HAIL the infernal Empire.
Darkest blessings to all my brothers and sisters of the black cloth.
(feel free to remove this post once read if it draws away from thread topic…)

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