Right, so things are running wild

So, I am from Romania and things are going pretty wild here spiritually. The thing is that on the spiritual plane spirits off all kinds just go wild, they’re all rushed somewhere to do something. I used to have a pretty good relation with Haures in the 3 years I talked to her on an almost daily basis but due to finals coming for me this year, i decided to take a break and she wasn’t verry happy about it, understandably so. She did tell me however on the last ocasion i talked to her (roughly at the end of summer) that something is going on afterall and it will be pretty obvious. For me it’s not obvious what is actually going on spiritually, but i do know that something is. Repercusions are visible in the physical plain as well, a lot of things unprecedented and uncommon around have been going on: from a woman attempting to shove 2 young women on the subway tracks, managing to kill one to political problems such as the goverment working on a pretty disturbing law that i will not get into unless asked to. My question: Does anybody else experiment this kind of sudden change in their region, and if so, how is it manifested. Also if somebody could shed some light on the problem, i’d greatly apreciate it.

I been told things are getting really bad out there and i have had the feeling something big is on the horizon. I don’t know what it is, but there is a lot of preparation happening and i can feel it. So can others i know who are connected like i am. All we can do is get ready. And wait.

Well, she did tell me “Good luck, see you when shit hits the fan we will need each other”- rough translation, when talking to her i cant translate things word by word in any language really- as the last words before she departed. I tried to ignore most what was going on, but at this point i can’t. I used to be haunted by something that enojyed to give me nightmares, making them look as real as possible and incorporating my biggest fears, i got rid of it for some time and now it’s back. Do you advise i should get back to it, and if you do what advice would you give as for preparing?

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Get. As. Strong. As. You. Can. Ascension. Learn. Practice. Channel. The shit IS going to hit the fan. You saying that dhe told you thebsame as i am picking up is confirmation for me that what im getting is right. I can not tell people more than what i just did.

Smh. Fine
Let the holy war begin. Would you mind if i talked to you a bit in private @nikki ?

Its ok. I dont mind.