Ridiculous Introduction

My name is Martin Frost and I like avocado.
My practices include: computer science, electronics, electrical engineering, making music, directing abstract bizzare movies that no one likes and much more. I am completely new to magic(k) My grandma is a nasty witch. I am interested in ceremonial magick. I read a book from Frater… whoever… now. I often see paranormal phenomena that scare shit out of me. I am here to educate myself. Have a nice day, dear fans of succubi and all the cool people out there! Rock on!


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome! :grinning:

I like gma’s at ceremonies and avacados myself. Welcome :wink:

Good to have you here! I know what it’s like to be scared about what one sometimes witnesses & doesn’t understand. The trick is to be brave & examine what exactly tells us to be afraid. Is it the event itself, or is it how religion & main stream culture & media has taught us to react in it’s strides to entertain. Obviously fear doesn’t stop you, or you wouldn’t be here seeking. I hope you find the understand & enlightenment you earnestly seek…along with some you weren’t. ~ welcome to the family

Hi, welcome.