Riddle me this

If the sun is 93million miles away why does it light up the earth but not outer space

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I imagine it’s alchemy. The suns radiation interacting with something in our atmosphere.

The same reason a lightbulb illuminates a room but not the air in it, at least not to someone whom doesn’t have a trained eyed and open mind.

An object in space is denser in mass compared to space itself, thus, light waves traveling through empty space collide with the mass creating illumination.

So in essence, light in itself is an illusion, only carried by a pulse frequency of energy traveling in an outward spherical pattern.

In a metaphorical stand point.

If you were staring at a running creek, All you would see is the water surface slowly rippling along with the current. Let’s pretend that’s space and the slow ripples are light waves that our eyes cannot perceive.

Now throw a boulder into it, what happens to the water surface as it impacts the boulder in the direction of the current? A distortion of wave patterns impacting the surface that are more turbulent and more noticeable to the naked eye.

Thus, the reason why space itself is non-illuminating and planetoids, gasses, and particles are noticeable.

The atmosphere surrounding earth follows under the same principles. Which is why you see the sky as it is in daytime (higher frequency of light waves impacting the sky) then you would at night (lower frequency of light waves impacting the sky)


Space is empty space… What would reflect the light when there is a hole in every direction?

Olber’s Paradox doesn’t work either, space is stretching in every direction and while it is indeed infinite there’s a lot more void than stars. Things are stretching beyond the observable horizon as well. What you’d see 13.8B lightyears out isn’t out there anymore and hasn’t been for as far out as you’re viewing.

Heat death inevitable. Enjoy this server while it still runs. Even if you achieve immortality there won’t be anything left after enough time. Inter universe travel is the only way to ensure “forever” in any sense of the word


It is. It’s lighting up the black space 93million miles away from it