Rich magickians

Ohh okay, I was told that when I started too. It hindered me big time because I never practiced or studied anything.
Now I live and breath Magick every waking moment and some here do sleeping as well.

I’ve learned


So I’m curious what type of price you feel will need to be paid? And do you feel that price necessarily would be a negative consequence to yourself, your family, community or your work?


The thing with a lot of financial magick, is that it is either designed to increase the flow of money through you, or to change the pathways along which that money flows. If you do a ritual of the first type, then you might get a promotion, or start selling more of your product, or anything that causes an increase in income through the pathways that are generally already present in your life.

If you don’t want to do extra work in the material, then that is the sort of magick that I would recommend. You presumably already have a job or some sort of income, and this magick will enhance what you are already doing, and bring in bursts of money from out of the blue.

As for Wealth Magick, however, there is almost always a need to change your current circumstances in order to open the pathways for money to flow. If you work at a sandwich joint, you will not become a millionaire anytime soon, let alone someone with a generally comfortable income.

What the spirits can do is open up opportunities for you to pursue that have a greater potential for money to flow through than what you currently have available. It is up to you, however, to follow up on these opportunities, and to work with the spirits to achieve your goals.

Why do magick at all then, if you still have to put in the mundane work? Magick will create opportunities that would be highly, highly unlikely to happen for you otherwise. Magick can help you to improve yourself, to ensure that you are ready to seize those opportunities when they come. Magick can accelerate everything along the way, and will sometimes bring you things that can only be described as miraculous.

You can try and move up the social ladder without magick, but you don’t need me to tell you how well that works out for most people. If magick could make you a millionaire overnight, we would all be millionaires already.

What I can tell you, is that if you apply yourself diligently in your mundane and magickal work, and more importantly, if you work strategically and intelligently, then riches are inevitable.

(Also, I was a little fast-and-loose with some technical terms regarding the esoteric underpinnings of money. For anyone interested in that, I wrote about it some here. Aside from the theory, there’s some practical info too)


Getting rich is irrelevant and less hyped for an awakened magician.
Why? Because at the end of the day there is no fulfillment of having more money than the basic stuff.

For a Magus like me is more joyful and fulfilling taking the train than using my car or motorcycle per example.


:thinking: rich in the subjective sense varys depending on goals and needs same can be said as what is basic. If we are talking bare minimums to survive basic then ya you do not need to be rich but few people exploring the left hand path are after bare minimums.

For my goals i need more resources then i currently have, this includes money. As such i come at this from mutiple angles to expand my current pool of resources.


Riches come easy if you don’t make them as a goal :wink:


“Lazy” people are treated as guilty for no reason at all.
It’s perceived as a habit rather than a manifestation of huge varieties of problems that such people are experiencing.
Being lazy means living in a hell (not a LHP terminology) and that is not a personal decision.
Lazy people usually can’t do almost anything to help themself. They are treated really bad and can’t expect to receive any kind of help or understanding.
Unfortunatly, this is something, among many other things that makes me believe that we still live in a highly undeveloped society.


While I can agree, Lazy and Depression are not the same thing. What you describe is symptoms of depression.

Treating those who are lazy as if it’s a mental condition is unfair to those with mental conditions.

I know lazy people lol. They either don’t have to do the work because someone else has decided to do it for them or they actually just don’t want to do it.
Those who are unhappy with themselves or want to but can’t are not lazy.


Agree, it’s not a mental condition, it’s even worst.
People with mental conditions even can talk about it and ask for help.
It’s really unfair - all they can expect is just a criticism and useless tips…

I know them, too. They are all different and they really need help.


lazy is a choice not some kind of disease. If the choice is made to be lazy to the point life crumbles into poverty. That is still a choice. I have seen people make this choice many times. Usually to distract themselves from something else they fear will be worse. But it is still a choice freely made. As such not my business to interfere with their choice. I have my own goals to focus on.


`Warren Buffet is in the illuminati, that explains most of his opportunities.

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…? So?

So are you saying that Magick is equal to self-work and high work-ethic, synonymous in action and participation? If so, then take the word “Magick” out of it and you get the same result. No?

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Turn the question around, did hard work alone do you good?
Magick can tip a scale but it also can open doors as well as heal what doctors can’t. But we do have a thread about real success with Magick if your interested? :slight_smile:
Like I said I understand what you refer to now. I learned about Magick that way and it doesn’t do it justice.

I’ve had my successes too by adding Magick in as a daily part of my life, always practicing instead of a rusty spell I’ve maybe done once.
It also boosts your confidence in yourself.

Making relationships with Spirits can be a game changer as well.


Osho is a CIA asset. Sai Baba was a sex pervert and a fake. Maharishi Yogi a fake too.


Thanks for letting me know.
I’m not interested in those ppl, it was just a part of general discussion.
On the other hand, it’s hard to say who is real magician and who is fake.
Thanks :wink:

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Yes. King Solomon was very wealthy (net worth: well over $400 billion in today’s money).

I’ve also been told that wealth magick is actually the easiest magick to do. With time and observation, i believe many magicians are missing important information when it comes to wealth creation, which is a major reason you see so few magicians on here who have achieved genuine wealth.


So, ages ago on here I made one post, not about money magick (which I am not any good at, as a general rule) but which some people misread as thinking I can fix their breakups and stuff. I CANNOT DO THIS, by the way.

This one post has led to infinite numbers of people deciding I have to teach them that exact same skill, and one became almost stalkerish. like, trying to set up fake accounts to get my full name and social media profiles etc.

That post wasn’t even slightly about money.

No mage with half a brain in his or her head, who can repliably use magick to net LARGE amounts of money, what you could call life-changing, ass-saving amounts, like for example killer investments or gambling fortunes, would post about it, or even allude to it, publicly, because not only would the lordinary broke-ass fuckers stalk them, but so would some really pretty scary people.

Look at what humans will do to other humans for money. I rest my case. :man_shrugging:


I find the "Ass Saving " money comes when I need it. ( Thank the universe for that ) Without doing any money rituals. Which I am no good at anyway.


100% agree with you :slight_smile: