Rich magickians

So why can’t we see normal people achieve such things ?


Just like I asked @Jpj why can’t we see normal people who got such results ?

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They do, normal people do. I have gotten what I wanted through magick, and there have been times when I know no amount of $$$ would fix the problem.


I don’t know…

I’m talking about BIG results

Not just manifesting some extra cash


Maybe we can, who’s to say? There are over 2,700 billionaires on earth, how many of them were assisted by magick? How would we know? I don’t know how be to be objective about that.


True, but L. Ron Hubbard engaged in magick under false pretenses. He was not sincere at all. He became rich because he was a con man.

Before he became involved with the OTO in California he made it clear to many people that he was researching different religious groups in the area (some magickal some not) trying to find one he felt was ripe to “take over”. He almost succeeded with OTO except for one problem. OTO already had a “fearless leader” that had no intentions of stepping down. So he saw the fatal flaw in his own plan. Instead of taking over an existing group - he had to start his own from scratch. Tada…Scientology.


Since I am new to all of the Left Hand Path stuff I have been known to actually commission magicians like EAK to perform rituals for me. When I cut my first pact with Belial not so long ago I used as fairly popular and devastatingly charming black witch with a few hundred Youtube videos we all know and love as “IndigoPriestess” she is also a big fan of EAK and she admits that in several of her videos. At any rate, I wanted that first foundational pact to be a success and was not so confident in my own abilities to pull it off on my own. I paid her to broker the pact for me.

At any rate, anytime I hear a magician make the claim that they have a “Get Wealthy and Powerful” spell, although I may still allow them to try. I must admit I wonder how wealthy they are personally as it is only logical to assume they used those spells on themselves first and probably developed the technique for themselves originally. Since I do not know these people personally it is nearly impossible to answer that question. So the only thing I can reasonably do is feel them out to see if I think they are “gypsy scammers” or are they sincere? Sincerity goes a long way with me. Since I will never know their net worth, if they are sincere about what they do - I will give them a shot.


Wealth is easy to achieve in magick ,to those who with any demon have achieved contact through whichever method and are still struggling financially ,if its not a personal choice then they are seriously joking .
But as any advanced mage would tell you after rapid ascent you’ll get to know that money can’t solve all issues .
But nothing comes for free ,a price has to be paid
In due time ll heavily pay mine for what I’m enjoying now ,that I know for sure .


True financial success is a ladder so no you won’t see “big” results unless you want a huge fail right behind it.
The pendulum swings both ways. Successful Magicians know this and success is subjective.

I don’t understand what you want.
Verdo put the success thread in here too.


Consider checking out Wealth Magick by Damon Brand. Aside from the rituals set out in the book, the introduction contains extremely valuable information on how to approach acquiring wealth through magickal means. It requires much, much more than doing a couple rituals. If you want wealth, you need to adjust and change your material life so that it allows for the wealth you desire, and you need to discover your True Will, or at least part of it.

It is certainly possible to become however wealthy you want to be. Want to live a comfortable life, not having to worry about money, but not making it a huge part of your life? That is possible. Want to become a multi-billionaire? That is also possible. I am personally shooting for somewhere in-between those two at the moment, but that may change as I come into my wealth more fully.


JS Garrett has a video attached to the “Ritual For Hire” ritual for Wealth and Prestige that paraphrases the same position you just stated. The ritual is not specifically for money although that IS an intended outcome. The ritual is designed to set you up with opportunities to become more sought after and influential. A side effect of that is naturally financial wealth.

An interesting perspective is that people always want more money in order to create happier situations in their lives and there is nothing wrong with that. But imagine for a moment what you would do with all that money. Now imagine you had all of those things you would purchase with the money. Would you still need the money? If literally every need or desire in life were being met and you only had $1000 in the bank - would you still want more money or would you not care? If you were blissfully happy in life, had a good home, were in good health, all your friends and family relationships were good and strong and you had plenty of enjoyable recreational things going on and you knew that would be your situation for life - would you still ask for more money? Maybe but probably not. The money was always your imagined vehicle for acquiring all those other things/situations. So that is why I like Garrett’s approach in that ritual he offers. He’s basically saying, money is cool and you will have it but I am not trying to simply inject a million dollars into your life with this. I’m trying to arrange situations in your life to make you happy, fulfilled and valuable enough to other people that money will be one of the natural side effects.". The spell seems to be designed as more of a long-term life overhaul. Instead of merely getting you a ton of money it is designed to turn you into the kind of person that always has money. We all know someone like that. Someone we went to school with that was always destined to be sought after by other people and later turned out to be exactly that.


I love this question, but I want to add what about getting rich without working hard? What about the person who is only capable of minimal work either for psychological reasons: ie-learning disability, ADD, other; and/or just limited physically? What about someone who invests blood sweat and tears and physical labor to be disappointed that nothing more manifested than what they would have achieved had they just done the same exact thing without calling on Magick to begin with? To me I’m in that state right now. What happened to Magick that worked magickally? Why should I accept Magick that requires me to do the foot work?? That makes no sense. Why did I bother then?? $90,000 and blood sweat and tears one year later, I’m wondering why did I do that? It got me nowhere.


Not sure what Magick you’re talking about, it’s ALWAYS been work.
You have always had to put in time for rituals, relationships with Spirits, mental will to manifest your outcome, and open roads for success.

For example you want money, ask a spirit to do all the work and sit on your ass. Well the Spirit will do it any way they want (if at all) because you show ZERO desire or will to attain what you want.

You might end up finding loved family dieing and your money coming in that way or even you having an accident and getting a big settlement with permanent damage to yourself.

If you don’t put in effort neither will the universe. Magick isn’t external to us. If you’re lazy then it’s not going to go far.

Now this is a personal issue you had? I’m not sure how Magick didn’t work for you because I don’t know the details. :woman_shrugging:

I’ve been frustrated as hell and had it take a while or have it work incredibly fast. I guess it’s what’s going on, your state of mind and what Magick you try to use.


But that’s my point exactly. In the end, the end result, who then gets the credit for outcome? If I did the foot work and hard work myself, then why do I need to turn to Black Magick to begin with? Why don’t I just always do the hard work and manifest my own outcome? What makes us pursue Black Magick if in the end we rely on ourselves to get the deeds done anyhow? I say why bother. Show me someone who’s transcended this and made true Magick happen in their or someone else’s lives. I’m staring to disbelieve that it’s really possible.


What’s “true Magick”? I seriously don’t know what you think it is so it’s hard to define. Are you referring to Charmed? I really don’t know.

Self manifesting IS Magick. This is the core of it as far as I’ve learned. YOU become the God and can make what you want happen.
As you get better at it, manipulating things becomes quicker and easier.
Spirits help to teach us and yes they will alter things sometimes to help the Magician too.
It’s in your head too. If you don’t believe it works, it won’t. Your intention makes something happen.


W D Gann was rich


Because those magicians use magic to affect the mundane people around them on a massive scale, often scamming them through that way. It’s all a big illusion and it’s often deeper than what meets the eye.

Also who is to say we can’t? And who’s to say that some of us aren’t doing that right now to a certain degree?


I used to think Magick meant calling on forces, supernatural or unseen forces or energy, that could transform or shape our reality, the magicians reality, into something that the magician wanted as far as outcome, that was achieved but by unexplainable, not natural means. This goes against what you are stating Magick is. I was taught, when all else natural and within your own power fails, that’s when it’s time to incorporate Magick as it was a last resort.


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i don’t know weather gold even fit’s to describe this.

People went crazy to try to learn this from him.
I just watched another reporter trying to get the answer,
where as here he’s giving it from a father perspective,
looking for the listener to actually understand what he want’s to convey,
as if he was to teach himself. :wink:

So this is the Reporter Version. :wink:

extra Token:
His request for Divination of the next 4 years (which let’s me assume he once learned the base model of mortals having 26000 Days on earth -roughly 83-85 years i remember),
Which is actually a request towards US!
Towards the leading Edge Magicians,
whom are the most likely to actually be successful doing such a reading. :wink:

I hope i didn’t start a shit storm coming his way there.^^