Rhyming couplet curses

I have a question.
In shows where someone is throwing a curse or a hex, they use a rhyming couple or short rhyming poem type thing; i have never been able to NOT do it. i have a pretty great vocabulary; ad simply great rhyming skills and it simply flows through me and off my tounge like water off a water fall. Ever since i was like 6 or 7.

i am curious though, is it actually a thing? Or am i just a lucky parrot of silliness tv ?

Also, should I write them down First before actually using them so I don’t forget them later [cuz that is definetly a thing !]

Ever since my neighbors new attacks on me for my Evil devil worship flag- my brain and toung have seemed enchanted and prolific in “Sending words his way”.

The police told me now since he has no issue being on ‘cop cam’ swearing to “take me out” etc. i should not leave the house without my own body cam… fuk christians ar sweet!

But already I see his tide changing… I see only blacks and reds whenever I look the direction of his house or he comes up in my thought…[which is kinda too fkn often, so I may as well be creative with the time- right?]

Love to hear some wisdom.




Rythm and rhyme
Almost all of the time.


They can work, there’s a lot of stuff you gotta do behind them (mental preparation and stuff), but it can very much be done.


Universe is a mental thinking creature, the dreaming dragon. Words are nice, accompanied by blood are more than thin air, visualising is the key.


How would you differentiate this from a magician casually saying things in passing and it coming to be. And why would this be any harder?