Rey, Baal, Pan? Will someone connect the Rey name.. I already know Pan and Baal are the same Entity

Ok when talking to him he gets mad if I say his name wrong. It’s pronounced


That doesn’t help. Ask him which of those Baals I listed is he.

Ooh a feisty one! I like those.

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So you know which one?

Do you use a sigil to commune with him?

Brb let me ask

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No he’s inside me

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Well based on what you’ve told me, I can deduce (but could be wrong) that it’s not Marduk, or Bael.

That leaves us with:

Baal Hammon, Baal Hadad, and Baalzebul.

(In fact, I’m inclined to remove Baalzebul from the list of possibilities).

Hell, it could be an aspect of Moloch for all we know. Moloch was called Baal, too.


Message: “Sal a Saz” “Not a Waszp”

That’s all I can divine… it takes too much from me. Hopefully you can help lol

What is he like normally? What does he do?

He protects and just talks to me honestly. Almost like a therapy

That’s it? Anything distinctive about him?

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lol he can do a lot more than that but it has to be asked

More? What is this more? You would have to be more specific if you want me to identify the Baal.

He enjoys my blood offering. Just pin pricks.

He cares about me as a vessel and would cause harm to others that would harm me I know that lol. He’s brought it up several times

You’re not telling me much. I’ll ask one last time: tell me his abilities, not how he treats you. What does he do specifically in terms of skill, magick, etc. What is his specialty?

Oh ok got ya let me see

I am in a similar situation @Servantofpan. Started a thread for my research.

The entity I have known for 11 years has been Beelzebub who has followed me around as a fly. I always called him Bel. It wasn’t until recently that I actually started digging for information on him. I have learned mostly everything I know all by myself. I never felt that books, the internet, or any person I have met was a reliable source of information. It always seemed that nobody knew what the fuck they were talking about. Anyways, I found this forum and these people DO know what they are talking about in general. That is when I started researching and fell into this hole of seemingly endless information on my Bel. When it get’s this convoluted you just have to go back to your own personal relationship with him and find out for yourself I guess! That is what I am doing on the god advice of others.

These historical or occult sources online are fucking ridiculous when it comes down to connecting gods together. I am so lost as well but in the end, does it really matter?


Ok coming from him:

Skills: “ram”

Powers: “many”

He treats me"said I was beautiful just now"

lol sorry. We tried I guess. I had no idea it be this hard or so many Baals

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