Rewriting the LBRP

I’m designing personalized versions of the LBRP, MPR, etc.

I’m removing the hebrew and kabbalistic references, using Aurum Solis style pentagrams, and replacing egyptian god forms and gestures with something else.

I’m in the process of considering replacements for the Kabbalistic Cross, MPR, the LVX formula, etc. As an example, work directly with the Elemental Kings or their emissaries instead of the archangels, replace the Sephirotic Middle Pillar with Chakras, etc.

The overall purpose is to be able to choose my own trajectory for development instead of programming myself with cosmology I won’t be using, while retaining the benefits of the rite for banishing, elemental work, light body conditioning, and opening temple space. Most sources I’ve reviewed utilize the traditional hodge-podge of Hebraic, Egyptian, and Greek associations. I’m aiming for a version without those.

EA and RO’s styles of working seem concise and direct and drop a lot of the extraneous hooplah and have been an inspiration to me. Since I find benefit in structured rites I use over time due the to benefits of conditioning, I thought why not re-write the foundations to support my ascent directly?


I like it! I’ve done something like this myself (here), though mainly by adopting Stephen Flower’s stoicheia thingy.

Are you going to share what you create? :slight_smile:

I may depending on what ends up in it. If too much personal gnosis ends up in it, it might not be useful for direct application by others but might still prove useful for reflection.

Interesting coincidence I was going to ask you about that rite. Seems it was time, thanks for sharing.

Some thoughts after a day of research.

To me the LBRP associations seem to exemplify the alignment of self with divinity, creating over time a mental imprint. This when combined with further work facilitates transcendence/attunement with the HGA/crossing the Abyss, using the syncretic cosmology of the GD as a backdrop. In other words a path to enlightenment with fun and games along the way. Once these structures are imprinted successfully, using them creates a controllable clear head space. The classical models and tools (such as the LBRP) that I am familiar with from my view provide a rocket ride to Kether without a parachute or landing gear.

Gain the HGA/Cross the Abyss/Merge with the Godself. Then what?

As for banishing, EA’s mention of banishing as removing yourself from the extant presence of forces seems to ring true in the face of direct experience.

A quote from Jeremy Crow also aligns with this when he said, “It is my understanding and experience that banishing rituals work to reinforce the suppression of the Shadow within oneself. Whether you are traveling a Right Hand Path or a Left Hand Path, ultimately you must consciously come to terms with your Shadow.”

In my experience the self identity when viewed in the cusp between the phenomenal and nuomenal states of being (passing through the Abyss) becomes recognized as needful yet arbitrary formations of cyclical self-reinforcing thought/feeling cascades. These as memory form our reference points to navigate phenomenal reality.

The cosmological frame work of most paths seems hell bent on uplifting ourselves to Godhood, but those who navigated that terrain have left no records that I have seen as to what comes next.

Chop wood, carry water is about all I have heard.

Perhaps the inner order higher grade rites of some order provide navigation beyond the leap from the phenomenal into the vastness, a nod to Tolkien’s There and Back Again, with map and guidebook.

I’m working on formalizing a ‘LBRP’ where the symbolic forms of the rite embody usable and tested methods that enable a controlled jump into the Abyss where the self takes form. Then including tools for navigating reality that respect and include the reality of the re-formability of the consistently evolving self.

I feel this will be useful for me in reinforcing the embodiment of the Godself, by formalizing the process of self re-construction in a workable system. Structure enough to maintain sanity, and Changeability to provide room for growth… probably in an impossible attempt to systematize the ineffable within the mind.


This is why I based my Personal Daemon on an image of desire (which isn’t consummated) - to link those things BACK to the earth.

My goal being to command the powers of a goddess within my lifetime right here on earth.

It’s like this stuff I posted about the Divine Paradox before - “when you acquire literal Divine status/union with the Source or whatever, everything just IS, and one’s former desires, aversions and preferences fall away.”

I was wrestling with that in October - just afterwards, I hit on the PD exercise and through it, I’ve attempted to anchor and yet semi-permanently externalise my Higher Self as an object of desire, yet one which does my bidding and supports my endeavours in this level of reality, rather than being something I strive “upwards” (to use a lazy metaphor) to achieve.

My approach is a work-in-progress and I’m not sure it’ll bridge that gap, but creation of both an idealised self (as me) and structuring my PD to represent an idealised object of human desire is my attempt at this.

I have stuff on the topic of banishing (and the psychology of demons) that expands on that, but will start a new topic for that.


for me LBRP has saved my ass all the times i was in need has 3 parts.

1.the cross
2.the banishing-protective pentagrams
3.the higher aspect of the elemental forces(archangels)to balance you and your space.

another side effect for me is that LBRP energizes me very time i did it 3 times in a row and i could’nt’s a wonderfull and effective ritual

where is the man who discovered it to kiss his ass?

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I was thinking earlier about making some changes to this eitual

Now we know that the LBRP is basically an invocation of the Divine by using Godnames that state well…that you are God and the center of the universe.

But my idea after doing a little research on the 72 names of God I was thinking of instead of using the traditional names that they are replaced with any four of the other 72 that you would like to invoke.

Like my post where I described infusing a drink with the name Ayinh Lamed Mem to get rid of negative thoughts.

This is just a theory but if the LBRP in it’s simplest description is an invocation (of course a banishing as well but I think the banishing comes from the power you’re invoking along with having the Archangels to balance you out) then there should be no reason the names can’t be changed to invoke a different power/intent.

Just a thought.I’m gonna try this later today and I’ll post any results.

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I think we all have seen some room for adjusting ot better the material we work with. I myself some years ago started a poject in satanism and took both book of the lavey and thiestic and combind them in one work. I never saw why satanist whould work against each other it seemed like the christian thing to do. I dot half way and saw most my knowledge would have to come from satn hims self. As I was on a deadlock with that and put on holh untill I could do so. The pc got a virus and lost the book. Goodluck with your project I would want to read it

By my personal observation, the L.B.R.P. has already been rewritten many times over. Since the publication of the Golden Dawn papers, every reconstructed magical or mystical system has used it as a template for thier basic pentagram rites. Do you think ancient witches in Celtic or Italian Traditionds really used a complex petagram rite for thier circle casting? Historically folk magic was less extraneous and more akin to shamanic and direct sorcery techniques. It is a fundamental technique that initially hones yourii basic skills of memory, visualization, concentration, coordination of mental-physical-astral focus and vibrating words of power.
Modern authors who have adapted this fundamental rite are Peter J. Carol, Donald Tyson and Michael W. Ford. These are only a few examples Any practicing magician can design thier own adaptation for thier own intent. Although it is definitely important as part of your research to bounce ideas off of each other with fellow practicioners. :slight_smile:
We are all students. :slight_smile:


[quote=“dron, post:6, topic:3724”]for me LBRP has saved my ass all the times i was in need has 3 parts.

1.the cross
2.the banishing-protective pentagrams
3.the higher aspect of the elemental forces(archangels)to balance you and your space.

another side effect for me is that LBRP energizes me very time i did it 3 times in a row and i could’nt’s a wonderfull and effective ritual

where is the man who discovered it to kiss his ass?[/quote]

I used the LBRP for a while the version straight from Kraig’s Modern Magick which was my bible for the first 5 or 6 months of daily workings. I noticed that the space I used it in became very energized and attractive to other people.

For example using it in a room when other people were out of the house, when they came back they all would crowd around inside and hang out.

I’m not sure it worked as banishing for me as mentioned earlier, depending on the emphasis one put into it. More of an invocation of aligned energies. But as with anything, practice and see the results.

The main benefits I saw with this were the clear head space creation, and those described in Benjamin Rowe’s Essential Skills of Magick article, namely the development/refinement of imagination, emotion, and feeling.


I’ve started to think about this method of working with the entities directly. Dialog with the Archangels, the Gods, etc. that are part of the system and work directly with them to include the pertinent keys they need/want, as well as what I need for myself.

The challenge for me is that following my personal evolution I am stepping away from the Cabalaistic trancendental paradigm. This means the majority of the rituals that have been birthed from the GD are needing to fall away. I may experiment with using the Enochian system, or working directly with the my allies and head off on my own entirely.

It’s becoming clear for me like you said it was for you, that I will need to take some time to work out what it is that will serve me best going forward.


You may want to look into the Pagan one, the original one:

Takes longer to perform but it’s worth. It encompasses various elements.

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[quote=“Enlightener_Illuminator, post:12, topic:3724”]You may want to look into the Pagan one, the original one:

Takes longer to perform but it’s worth. It encompasses various elements.[/quote]

Been a while since I reviewed their stuff thanks for the link.

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I like what I read on the G.O.O.D.S version of the LBRP but has anyone found their claims about the original LBRP to be true?

I mean in a way it sounds plausible but majicians have been using this rite for a long period of time and still manage to ascend without being devoured by “The Hebrew Monsters”.

I completely believe there’s an “Illuminati” for lack of a better word that’s oppressing the people of Earth and definently don’t want us discovering our own divinity but I just haven’t heard any accounts of majicians being destroyed and fed upon by lizard people by performing the traditional LBRP.

Any thoughts on this?


Some further musings on the subject… I have had thoughts about ritual structures such as the LBRP being used as astral links whereby all those using them would empower a central focus that could be tapped by the ones who made it or know how.

One idea is that thousands of magicians utilizing the same rituals create a kind of egregore that comes to be known as a path or current, and that since they are usually run by hidden and inner orders, there is no clear explicit knowledge about the true aims of the system. So 93, 23, 333, 218 currents are examples of memetic structures or egregores that those who involve themselves in gain the benefits (and potential limitations) of those.

After some time of using the LBRP I had thoughts like this, and then moved away from them into personal work. This doesn’t mean that those common rituals are vamp tools such as Bear talks about on G.O.O.D.S… But it does mean that if I believe that then I have to deal with the consequences. Just the same as those who believe everything is fine when it really isn’t may have to deal with that.

Now knowing the possibility of that type of system, is useful for reflection on some of the wording in the rituals.

An example Snuffin makes for the beginning of the Cabalistic Cross, “The first blind appears in the wording of the oration. The use of Ateh, “thou art” identifies the light with a external power, namely, “Our Father.” The same idea is expressed at the end of the oration with “Amen,” which is notariqon for Adonai Melekh Na’amon meaning “Lord, faithful King.” It would make much more sense (especially in light of the New Aeon) for the magician to identify himself with that light considering that he is establishing himself (not God) as the center of the Universe in this ritual.”

Here using the classical Godname Ateh reinforces a split between the magician and the Godself, serving to ritually strengthen duality. This may not matter for those who aren’t aware of it. If a person is aware of it and it bothers them then they need to deal with it, either by changing it like Snuffin has, accepting it as not a problem, or using some other method.


That fits with my experiences. One of the reasons I never used the LBRP in my daily praxis is I don’t like the baggage belonging to some of the systems and the magicians who do use it.

I think I tried it once or twice ages ago and it just felt deeply wrong, so I never went any further. It can’t be the angelic entities themselves, since I’ve had good results and an amicable relationship with Raphael, so yes it could be an egregoric current.

The slightest possibility of contaminating my own practice with wisps of someone else’s beliefs that run contrary to my own is the reason I’ve steered clear of this stuff - I did briefly use the middle pillar exercise with the godnames (e.g., “SHADDAI AL CHAI”) and then I was actively advised by my spirit mentor to 1. invert it, i.e., starting at my feet, and 2. I was given completely different syllables (and advised not to share them, I think they were personal anyway).

This btw was prior to me moving towards the LHP. And I don’t recommend people try messing with it unless you have spirit guidance to do so, it’s a pretty powerful ritual, so seek some advice before deciding to do it back to front. :slight_smile:

Whatever was behind the advice I was given, it might be wise to avoid adopting something if you’re not sure you like the implications and origins.

In my case I don’t believe those Hebrew words alone are the sole and paramount names of “god” above those used by other traditions, so using them in this situation wouldn’t be anything that would interest me. I know some people spit feathers at that idea, but I just have to go with my own best understanding of this stuff, as we all do.

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like frater apotheosis wrote once,you can use even your teddy bear for banishing if you believe that it’ll do the job.and i think he’s right.i also read about this from an author who i trust very’s not the banishing structure it self or LBRP or’s our energy and intention who drives any ritual and any’s the externalization of the internal.
LBRP is just a circuit waiting for you to power it was designed for a specific purpose and after many years of use for this specific purpose,the ritual is effective by it self.i’m sure it has an egregoric current behind it who grows stronger because many others using this ritual,and i think this is good because it serves it’s purpose with more power.i believe also that all entites are fed by us when we think of them,meditate on them and do rituals for them.all rituals are somehow vampiric because we are the fuel and they are the container.

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Think about what you are saying. You are sooo close. A link, any magickal link, including ritual forms, is two way. If there are wicked monsters tapping in to your rite through the ritual, then you can tap into them.

Crowley called ritual forms or thought forms: engines. You can draw energy from these traditional forms that have become archetypes in their own right.

At the same time like archetypes they are changed over time by the people of the culture.

At one time the Egyptian Gods were tribal Guardians of different villages in the Nile Valley.

Rewrite what you will and fear nothing, not God’s or men. For what will attempt to touch you, is touched by you.


Try the Star Ruby ritual of Thelema. It involves Egyptian Gods and Therion, Greek for Beast.

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Also I like PJ Carroll’s reductionist approach; banish by laughter. Haharragha