Reviews of this program?

Could I have some reviews on EA’s product? I have not tried any other than his Ebook which is quite good. I am debating whether I should get this program or Robert Bruce’s new Raising Kundalini program. I am debating whether or not I would learn more through evocation and eventually learn how to raise kundalini or raise kundalini and thus open clairvoyance and evoke (although I had always wanted to learn about the amazing astral matrix Franz Bardon was talking about)

The Mastering Evocation course will give you all you need. Where did you get the idea you needed to raise Kundalini to develop clairvoyance? You simply need to learn to enter the necessary state, the Theta/Gamma sync. The Kundalini has nothing to do with it. Clairvoyance can be an effect of the process of raising the Kundalini but it is certainly not a prerequisite.

EA all the way.

While we’re talking about this, if I can divine accurately but still can’t scry should I wait until my vision develops before ordering this?

You should be fine. It is a great course. There is a trial period so if you didn’t like it, you could get a refund.