Review: Consultation with E.A. Koetting

Hello Friends,

I didn’t put this in my journal because I wanted it to stand on its own. I recently–in a bit of a spur of the moment–purchased and attended a personal consultation with E.A. Koetting. Friday, I was extremely nervous (the day of the consultation), so I did my research and from some posts gathered that I should go in with specific questions. Instead, I decided to go in with my goals and have a bit more of a conversation around them and “figure out where to go from here.”

E.A. is very personable and took a genuine interest in the items I brought into the consultation. Something that struck me about him from early on in my relationship with the forum was that he’s very passionate about the subject areas that he’s interested in.

A business leader told me once that: “Your enthusiasm is infectious.” and I never fully understood what that meant until I met someone who was equally passionate about their subject areas. It’s really refreshing.

His advice was very practical. E.A. is quite wise, magically and otherwise. He’s had a lot of experiences and uses those experiences to support the advice that he’s giving.

I highly recommend, even if you’re missing a little direction, to take advantage of the consultation if you:

  1. Need a sounding board
  2. Need some practical advice to move forward

I left the consultation feeling validated. He’s a great teacher because he possesses a down-to-earth element that was missing in a lot of my previous experiences with experienced practitioners.

He suggested some books to read that I’ve added to my library–which, may I add, weren’t BALG books–and I realize today that I’m a little surprised. He didn’t try to push me to buy MORE of his stuff, which made the entire experience more genuine and authentic.

I think, based on my experience, that he’s a great guy that really wants to guide people into their own path and has an enthusiastic interest in the arts that he dabbles in. Again, I highly recommend it, but I’ll advise that you have realistic expectations of an experience like this. I read on another post that the experience didn’t “change [the participant’s] life.” I don’t think you can have that sort of expectation coming into it, because at the end of the day E.A. is human like the rest of us, but his wisdom and experiences are definitely beyond his years.

I had a great amount of respect for him when I first joined the forum, envious of his ability to do what he loves and get paid for it, and now I have even more respect for him because it is definitely well-deserved.

Thanks, @E.A, for the excellent conversation, advice, and validation. It is greatly appreciated and came at the perfect time (as all things usually do).


Ive had a couple of consultations with EA. I always hang up feeling like I just left a good therapists office. Which is a compliment. I dont really talk to anyone ever about my really personal stuff.

I realized the other how severe my trust issues and asking people for help really was. When I remember my first consultation with him and he asked " what can I help you with today?" And my reply was “I dont need no help” :joy:
I just wanted to talk about something.

I’m sure he was like wth?

:laughing: but that is just me. He also recommended books to me.

I don’t really hate balg I just pretend to when I get frustrated.
Maybe I need a punching bag too. :thinking:


I loan ya one, his name is… @Anziel_Merkaba :rofl: :rofl: :kissing_heart:


I love you too honey. :kissing_heart:

Also this is a pretty nice review. Can’t really say too much because I never did a consultation myself, but it seems like it was a good thing.


That makes me feel so much better because honestly, that’s such a mood on that first call! haha


I felt the same after my consultation with him back in 2019. I still remember some of the advice he gave.

Nice review, @GrammarHart9


That is so totally sweet! @GrammarHart9
Awesome Review


Thats so good to hear! Would you mind sharing, which books he had suggested? They might also be helpful for the broader community


The main book he quoted and suggested was “Yoga of Power”.

The meditation he recommended was his Blue Ray Meditation:



Still debating to book a consultation.

Thank You for your review.