Reversed Fool and Reversed Five of Swords?

Hello everyone :blush: Yesterday I asked my Tarot cards about someone’s feelings for me (someone from my past) and today I asked again and both times these two cards showed up together: Reversed Fool and Reversed Five of Swords. I have no idea how to interpret them without letting my feelings stand in the way, so I am kindly asking for help here. How would you interpret this combo? Thank you in advance!

Fool reversed in a reading like this is usually a commentary on the querent’s (your) state of mind, denoting either that your feelings and passions are becoming an idea or drive not fully formed or realized, still surrounded by some manner of cloudiness, hesitance or lack of understanding. 5 swords reversed typically denotes some manner of conflict or opposition in which all sides lose unless they move forward and beyond it, relinquishing their emotional investment in the entanglement.

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Fool RX is perhaps the querent acting like a fool and together with 5/swords RX is when he is consciously working against his best interests to spite another.


Reversed Fool…failure to launch, missed opportunity. Five of swords reversed, dishonorable actions, bullying, but primary reversed meaning are an inability to defend oneself, and unresolved conflict.


They feel they did something stupid to you. 5 of swords when reversed isnt that bad , according to what I have learned.

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In other words … your ex pucked up big time, and the dumbazz knows it, now…