Reverse psychology journal. -DO NOT READ-

it’s been on hold for a while, but I think I may go back to trying to figure out who/what Xoth’tos is.

There was burgeoning love, I thought to myself thank you for this gift! But as time wore (quite rapidly) I found it to be another lesson from the King. (Thanks Belial!)
It was a lesson in assertion, decision making, figuring out what my priorities are. This woman so rapidly and fiercely fell in love with me, and I hurt her. I feel bad about it but it had to be done. I had the feels, all of them! But then they were gone. I had to tell her, and break her heart.
I always forget His lessons never end.
But through that, I’ve been more confident to deal with problems head on instead of muddling around. I’ve been assertive and able to question someone without faltering on my position.
I’ll be real one day, but for now I’m still a lively NPC.

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Shit your title got me again…and then I saw the lesson you shared. Well done and I’m sorry for the pain of loss, but it is far better to be blunt and honest when the feeling is gone than to let it linger on in false hope.


Finding myself more bitter.
Everyone bothers me.
Life is a big fuckin’ circle jerk, and if you’re not part of the circle you’re just a jerk.

Even amongst the odd, I manage to be too strange and unrelatable.
I’m not sad or anything about it. Just stating generalities of my life.
Someone from the past showed up again.

Taking up hobbies to focus myself and be less absorbed by the base desires of humanity.

Still trying to help others but I have no idea why.

Have not meditated in weeks.

Fireball in my core.


How the freak do you expect me to comment w/o reading? :latin_cross: