Reverse demonic influence with white magick?

So I got into black magick at the age of 19. I got some benefits, in the beginning. Now I am suffering from nightmares, involuntary astral projection, hallucinations, hearing things. I think the demons are just messing with me. I’d like some advice, would white magick help? If so? Have you ever experienced this? Can you give me some advice before I dive into the rabbit hole of research? Thank you kindly.


It happened to me when I jumped into the Infernal path without properly understanding it.

Yeah switching over to the “Light” side can help but it takes time. After switching “sides”, I realized that my heart was neither with the Infernal or Abrahamic forces and realized my place with the Divine Gods (Hindu, Greek, Norse, etc).

So the answer is yes but it takes time. Deities like Vishnu, Aphrodite and Freya can help. Some call on Apollo to purify themselves and I broke away via Hanuman. Just find the path that’s right for you.


Have you tried reversing it with black magick yet?

I don’t think this is an act of doing “black magick” because technically black magick is just a service to self concept. It’s often times just what happens when you just right into it without proper understanding or shielding, Like how many newbies just into trying to call on entities without a proper foundation.


Do double concentric circles, candles, sigils, mantras count? I just followed E.A. advice in evocation and soul travel

I did call on several demons, choosing the left hand path. Azazel, salasosh, thalos, and some other that was to bring me love. I actually invoked Azazel though, and I think he’s my favorite sigil, artistically.

You need to look up a banishing ritual and use it regularly. Grounding will also help. You may have these problems regardless of which path, if you don’t learn to use those two.

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Practice to improve slowly day by day

I have a lot of experience with what you are describing (and much more) and may be able to help you, send me a message if you still have or think you still have issues.