Reverse Curse

Ok guys when I say reverse I don’t mean un do the curse I mean the very opposite off the curse like when someone’s curses you all these bad things start to happen imagine the opposite but all good things happening is something like that possible

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Just ideas floating around help me piece it together :joy:

What you are describing is called a blessing.

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Didn’t wanna use that word but is something like that possible if you can curse someone why can’t you bless them

Yes, of course it is possible. It is done all the time.

If you call upon Raphael to heal a sick family member, you are blessing them with good health.

If you call upon Azazel to help a friend to get a new job, you are blessing them with employment.

When you gift your significant other with a talisman of Barachiel for good luck, you are blessing them.

Any time you use your power to bring something beneficial into the life of another, you are placing a blessing upon them.

Most people assume a blessing requires the invoking of some external higher power, but you can also bless something or someone in your own name. You are Divine, and in your universe, you can choose blessing or bane. That is your right and your responsibility.


Can I bless an object? like an internet adress/site.

I have a site that is perfect for magic to help. It is over 10 years old, has respectable DA and PA, it had respectable SERP but I haven’t worked on it for awhile, so I assume it has gone down. It has a reasonable product. I just don’t get the visitors I need.

Isn’t that when magick works best, when it is reasonable that something happens. Like you don’t get promoted from Private to General, but you it is common to go from Major to Colonel, if you just have that little bit of extra pizazz.

I have to assume my subconcious knows I want this site to succeed. I created it, put on all the content, did all the SEO, etc
So I am guessing I would need some sort of external source to give me the juice I need. Like an Angel

Yes, you can bless a web site or an object.

How would I do that? With a spell/blessing from a Damon Brand sort of book?
(I remember you, but you help a lot of people, so I don’t expect you to remember me, but I am staying on the RHP at least for now)
We’ve talked and Damon Brand seems to be safe for me. What sort of blessing would I want? I need more visitors and for them to turn into customers. I also need them to trust what I am saying about neuroplasticity.

What is holding me back from visitors now is the Google algorithm. It won’t allow my site high enough in the SERPs. when you are talking about neuroplasticity outfits like SAMSHA, the Mayo Clinic, NIAAA, etc get all the respect from the algo.

Or is there a better way than Damon Brand that I should look at for this particular application/ and for someone with my limited skill set, etc. etc. etc.