Hey gorgeous people, ok so who ever read my last posts would know abit about the problems I’ve been under going and some gave me priceless advice thank you to them I appreciate it and I took it, so I’ve been thinking a lot about my situation and I’ve decided what to do however I would like to know you guys advice and input on this I mean like am I going about the right way or not soe advice again. I’ve thought about all I went through and was my ex fiance put me through and is now living a happy life with his new wife of whom he cheated on me with and I want revenge mainly for him to feel the pain I went through.

I read on someone’s post here on balg of a spell that was done to get her ex back and get over him and I’m going to try and do that basically I want him to come back but not cause I want him cause his a jerk and a control freak who did wrong to me and I want him to suffer like I did he’s the reason I have all this drama in my life so just sweet pay back is what I want this will actually get my mind off my current bf and in this way I won’t be lusting on results with whatever I’ve done on him BTW I’m not so much right now like I was before and in the process my ex boyfriends stuff will be done obviously I won’t be bothered to luat for results there’s as I really don’t care whether or not he comes back but it would be nice to have him begging like I did, however I’m not desperate yes it would be nice but like someone here also once said I need to be okay with magic not working something to that lines.

I will still be working on my bf but also at the same time I’m going to be doing some money spells as I need the finance and keeping myself busy will keep me from “lusting for results”
As you guys know I’m new yes I don’t have my senses open yet so until I do I’m just going to have to make do with what I can and know I have my guardians watching and helping me…

Thank you guys in advance, I’m sorry if I offended anyone here before please be kind enough to forgive me​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Same here. He left me for her and got her pregnant. What spell did you cast? I want him to break up with her and come back to beg me and to suffer.