Revenge on someone duke amducias method

So I was pretty pissed last night. I have been working with the great amducias over a year, he helps a lot with revenge spells. He told me to use some methods to revenge on someone

I would like to learn your methods to disturb someone
She is a bad person causes people to be apart. So she deserves better. I need advice to give her a nightmare today I got her pretty disturbed last night though

First I got into trance state I was getting ready for the shifting method.I was very upset with my ex fiancee’s sister so I know where she lives and I know the every detail of her house. If you know the place it works better. So I got inside her house and seach for all the rooms she was playing with her phone and she waa wearing a red cloth. I I stood up and send my tenticles on her way to only take positive energies and as I doing that created a black psi ball and vibrated the enn of my demon over and over again my hands were so hot and I throw a huge dark ball againts her. I knew she was bothered and I also could see her reaction , I worked a lot to improve my astral senses so if you want to manage like this you should always practice !! Go a frends house and see what they are doing and call them later to validate.

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There’s Djinn I’ve used for this as well as a genius, though I’m sure your aware of this based on your topics/replies elsewhere.

Servitors can also do this.


You are amaazing thank youu


There is one powerful ritual in Curses, Hexes & Crossing book by S connolly. It’s available on kindle.

There is a ritual to Attack others Astrally or in dreams with the aid of Azlyn and Amducious.


I have the book I will check it out.noe