Revelations On Omnipotence

I’ve noticed on my path to attaining Omnipotence patterns of strain creating weight and preventing me from creating from a state of magickal fire. I’ve noticed the struggles the first step to attaining such a thing is starting off with mindset, your mindset towards your problems, most would think you remove it or change it, which is great, but a truly powerful being faces obstacles to learn to attain more light.

The concept of Wu Wei, the Art of effortless action through pure presence, allows the consciousness to come back to the zero point of pure potential, manifesting from this dimension requires a subtle and self realized state of one’s godhood but it rarely comes from a hunger for power or lust for results, the truth is most get into magick for very earthbound reasons, and believe the power of magick is going to help them but in reality it is the lessons you learn through those challenges is what defines your omnipotence because your power is based on your level of consciousness, the godhead is the cosmic lotus, to attain true power we must master the wisdom of each petal, to integrate the godhead, through that connection with the godhead nothing remains undone.

The more you understand magick the less need you have to chase things, and you begin mentally and emotionally embodying the knowledge and wisdom of a master of magick. That is why meditation is perhaps the best practice for omnipotence because you directly enter a state of mentalism by tuning more into the light body. From the light and the powers of the mind we can directly interface with the realms that form our individual lives to create more effectively.

Most people get into practices like the LBRP and breathwork etc. but if you can’t use your right brain as much during those rituals then it won’t be as effective compared to active meditations. Harnessing right brain functions have allowed me to tap into biokinesis, technomancy, pyrokinesis as well as instant kundalini activations among other things. And I’ve noticed because I’ve struggled with visualization, simple intent and in a way seeing through my heart chakra, learning to sense the layers of my aura have allowed me to mix my senses to make things more vivid, allowing me to tap into all 6 aspects of the eye of Horus, feeling my visualizations have stimulated my visuals to carry more light, more information, sitting down and learning to install these technologies from the bodily spirits is a very important process to go through to really integrate omnipotence.

Integrating these functions, has allowed me to project my visualization for others to see, it allowed me to tap into people minds to project things, and it’s allowed me to connect to and channel any frequency I desire by tapping in through the right brain. By channeling the creative light into the dimensions of light you wish to manifest in, you can manifest in any realm directly from the powers of the soul that reflect the powers of the Gods.

The power itself holds a very high energy and this power also illuminates the mind and breaks through all lower vibrational patterns and switches on the higher consciousness that’s dormant in the junk DNA, according to my downloads from the akashic records, I saw that a lot of people during this time will leave religion because of the disappointments they’ve experienced with doctrines rooted in the Age of Pisces.
A lot of souls are breaking out of old paradigm on all levels of consciousness within the human anatomy. This results a lot of people going towards magick, spirituality and witchcraft operating from still a very 3D-4D template of consciousness, due to the challenges that create changes in the emotional, mental and even causal bodies, some elevate more emotionally while others elevate more mentally or even cosmically. But there are several spheres of consciousness to ascend, the lower, middle, upper and everything in between. Some correlating to more primal/subconscious, conscious and superconscious levels of transcendence.

The first step to any kind of real power is a deep level of self knowledge, because more of that means you have more light, and your integrated mental body in these other worlds allows you to create from beyond the veil like breathing.

So if you’re doing any ritual but aren’t taping into your astral body or Ketheric body, if you don’t know how to project the subtle energies from your voice, through the bodily dimensions from manifestations occur, it is unlikely you will exercise omnipotence. You have to first master harmonics, your ability to vibrationally actualize states of completion and godhood, your ability to tap into the subtle elements of your consciousness is where you tap into the powers.

You have to know what it’s like to trace an actual burning pentagram, you have to feel all of it tangibly, the more real it becomes to your consciousness the more light and impact your magick will have. A lot of these practices are like training wheels but when you understand the underlying mechanics that come into play in magick, the need to rely on more left brain material world approach to magick will fade, because you understand it’s more potent doing it from your astral body rather than the physical body, once you’ve mastered doing things from the astral body, that’s when a lot of your physical rituals will gain the full power, if the ritual isn’t in sync with the planes then it won’t really stick or manifest.

These are some of my greatest revelations regarding omnipotence, knowing my channel Ill probably post more later but for now if you have any questions, you can ask on this post or pm


I feel that it’s okay to desire things like power or sex, but at the same time I’ve recently felt the desire not to “go after” what I want and just to let things be.

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Seriously, I’m asking the question. Is it a bad thing to want power or to pursue pleasures like sex or material accomplishments?


Desiring these things aren’t bad, they are inherent elements you have in yourself according to your karmic balance you have to learn and fulfill, in a lot of ways it is unification with more of yourself. What I’m saying is this world is simply a projection of your own electromagnetic imprints in the physical and energy bodies.

So when you raise enough of energy in yourself and learn to store energy, you are basically interacting with atoms among many planes to create a new projection of reality from your higher the lower mind, you are using the harmonic powers of your consciousness to alchemically alter the elemental attributes you wish to perfect and harmonize.

What I’m saying is when you understand the mechanics and the underlying powers of the consciousness rather than the manifestation of an energy you desire, is when you’re able to create the things you desired in the past looking from the future standpoint, and you actualize an energetic matrix that’s already attuned you to what you want, but the key to charging it with more power, which is typically through breathwork or more advanced stuff like doing things directly from the astral body and cosmic body. You in a way have to increase your voltage, it’s just electromagnetism, the mastery of it in terms of mindset, practice, and powers. That’a why learning to become more subtle and learning to let go can the let the energy flow.

Wu Wei, effortless action is also effortless psychic action. None of it is beyond your consciousness.