Returning back, too much good information to just let this Fly Away

This will be my reintroduction. For a while I was known as Siconyte.

After an incredibly painful, but necessary transformation, I became SonSet.

I’ve been on sabbatical recently, part of that meant that I somehow lost access to the account with my old becomealivinggod ID and password.

But, that’s all over with, and I’m starting a new. It’s been awhile, and it’s been an ordeal, but here’s hoping that with the insights that I’ve gained, Maybe I will be able to pick out my path a little bit more clearly instead of just Meandering from system to system.

I’ve been doing magic seriously for about a decade, I’ve only been doing it as a serious practice for a few years. Most of that has been here since my time here with becomealivinggod, as well as the entire balg family.

It’s good to be back. And I have a lot of interesting things coming up. So let’s see where this goes.


SonSet? :thinking: I see what you did there… welcome back

Its good to have you back home.