Retribution Needed

Someone broke my trust. I did some spells and cursed the target. Things were going in my favour to destroy the target. Suddenly target decided to pray to gods and listen to their prayers on youtube. Things started getting reversed and my spells moved to void.

This is short story. In this case what I can do is make someone my mentor and solve the matter. If any willing individual can guide me through. I will be happy to PM.

Your trust cannot be unbroken, so what’s to solve? You’re looking to feel better, is that right?

Target married to someone. Have to destroy their marriage.

Ah I see your post here now:

You want to remove the protections you say? But here these are not innate, they are consciously coming from his will, meaning you very consciously do not have permission to affect him. He’s magickally cut you off, and it becomes a “witch war”, a battle of wills between magickians. One that he’s already winning.

Its going to take a lot of work and you may still not get anywhere. It seems he’s aware of your attacks so your surprise factor is blown, and depending on how RHP he is you may start to get backlash.

So actually the first thing I’d recommend is to get your armor on, double up on your defenses and wards to prepare because he’s using magick too, so this could be a long road. Any hits on you could start to disrupt your life, which you don’t want. Don’t forget like attracts like, it’s not just his efforts you have to defend from, its the attraction for negativity and parasites your own energy is now producing. Resentment and anger are prime yummies for parasites. That also means shit could start happening, and your feeling will be to blame him but it may have nothing to do with him at all. So protection’s important. Start banishing daily if you don’t already.

Like @DarkestKnight said in the other thread, for this you need to know why he got married. It’s no good doing a breakup spell if they’re together under orders from family: they’re basically not really “together” anyway so it’s a waste of time. Be clever about what your target really is. Is it the family pressure, or a business deal, or something else?

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May I message you personally? I know the reason of the marriage + why the target might have the idea about the attacks.

@Mulberry I am gonna do this one.

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Best of luck. Sorry I didn’t see the other message :smiley:

The poppet spell is a good idea to stop you from being upset about this person leaving you, for sure.

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