Respect goes a long way

I jumped in with both feet for C. Kendall’s Unification with the Infernal 90 day program. It’s intense and way beyond my skill set and experience. So awesome though! Thank you Mr. Kendall! It’s a sink or swim thing for me and I sunk like a rock last night during the Day 1 ritual of Infernal Initiation of Lucifer and the Nine Demonic Kings.

It wasn’t my intention to be disrespectful but all of them were not happy with me and I paid for it immediately after I finished the ritual and became progressively worse today. I thought maybe I wasn’t feeling well due to burning ethanol in an enclosed room and that certainly could be the case but it was brought to my attention today by Lucifer (I’ve pledged myself to him) that I was being punished.

Being new and only working with Lucifer I don’t know much or anything at all about some of the Nine Demonic Kings. This program all happened so fast it left little time to prepare. I really have no business calling upon the Nine Demonic Kings but Lucifer felt this program would excelerate my experience. I wanted to do it as well as I have a lot of respect for Mr. Kendall and his abilities.

So not even knowing about some of the Nine Demonic Kings I was forgetting their names during the ritual. Pretty rude if you ask me. I rushed a bit and even left the circle cause I wanted to take pics in the middle of the ritual. That was probably my worst offence. I couldn’t establish a connection with them after that or even Lucifer himself. Because I took time out for pics the ethanol was getting low and I rushed through the last part barely finishing before the fire went out.

After the ritual I started coughing. My lungs felt heavy. During the night I had a lucid dream and I was coughing pretty hard. I coughed up a yellow powdery substance. I think it was sulfur. Throughout the day the coughing was getting worse. A family member said it sounds like I have Bronchitis. My head is pounding and I developed a fever.

Before tonight’s ritual is when Lucifer informed me about his and the Nine’s displeasure with me. I was told this behaviour is not tolerated and I better make a greater effort.

I performed tonight’s ritual with a life or death mindset and Lucifer was pleased with my efforts and said I would feel better in the morning. Even with feeling like crap tonight’s experience was amazing with the effort I put into it.

Lucifer wanted me to post this experience here on BALG for the seasoned Vets through to the newbies like me as a reminder to always show respect. I have no doubt you all do. I learn the hard way some times.

I would like to formally apologize to Lucifer, and the Nine Demonic Kings in alphabetical order Asmodeus, Bael, Balam, Beleth, Belial, Paimon, Purson, Vine, and Zagan. I’m sorry for being rude and disrespectful. Please forgive me and I will strive to do better. Thank you all



We all make mistakes from time to time. Hope you feel better!!

And while we at it, I publicly apologize to any Spirit or Deity I have offended :rose:


Try a different approach try to feel like a winner be a winner, i myself beed performing my own version of the 90 day program, im extended mine to 365 days, i started 9 months ago, i ask for solitary performing in secrecy, i didn’t want that spreading all over the forum, i thought i test C Kendle by playing him out putting my name down, knowing ive been doing in the most deadly form were i actually black out are travel by body and Soul to the deepest fathoms of the Demonic Empires, Mr Kendall never sent me no such rituals its obvious he didn’t take me serious more fall him, also i live in a different country, then him, yeh i remember a while back last year when i started, i was so comatose and that drained, im sorry did i get in before him, o well he didn’t gave a shit really shows his true colors, sorry for his ignores i won’t want anything to do with him, hear you go C. Kendall this is a gift from me :fu:


:rofl: holy shit! That would have been me if I did the ritual! I am forgetful! Rude and a childish fool! I don’t have the quite space and the privacy so I am careful not to go into things knowing I’ll fk it up! Serious rituals and rites need a serious dedication and mindset!
I would call on one gatekeeper at a time and get to know them before being serious! They have to get to know me first so they can tolerate my childish fool side! :sweat_smile: am the worst but I own my mistakes! And basically give a warning that I’ll do make them but I’ll be apologizing my ass off when I realise it! :rofl: and Lucifer punishing me! I’ll probably get off of that!


I can strongly relate :sweat_smile: that’s why I decided to avoid the Ritual right now!

I also tend to avoid the more intense Spirits for the same reasons and before my rituals I apologize in case I make a mistake.


Afternoon all!

Here’s an update. Feeling so much better! Phew! I was seriously growing concenered about my health and well being yesterday. Which is awesome because Lucifer had instructed me to get to the gym three times this week before this coming Monday and me being me leave things to the last minute. So happy I made time to apologize last night to each of the Nine Demonic Kings individually with their sigils while reciting their enns and not leave it to today. Just got back from day one at the gym. I understand that there are consequences to my actions now with the agreement made between us. No need for further punishment. I know he just wants the best for me.

I did somewhat of a healing ritual upon myself last night. Lucifer suggested I contact Arch Angel Michael and my jerk reaction was “No! I only want to work with you!”. Especially after the previous night.

I woke up in the middle of the night and to my surprise there was an Angel standing above me. Looking very regal in white and wings. At first I thought it was Lucifer in angelic form but then the Angel introduced himself as Michael. There was a peaceful calmness to him. I then noticed Lucifer standing behind him dressed really sharp.

Michael instructed me to lay on my back and he placed his hands upon my chest. I could feel the healing energy circulate in and around me. As he was finishing Lucifer made a joke. Well at least I hope it was a joke. I’m guessing it was because they both left after. Does Lucifer joke around like that?

The dream that I had coughing up sulfur rang true today. Just like in the dream I felt better after coughing it up and I felt better today when I coughed up a massive phlegm ball. (Sorry about the visual)

I’ve read a lot of posts stating that it’s the intention that’s most important when doing rituals. Sigils may be slightly off or a pronounciation of a word is incorrect. What matters is immersing yourself in the experience. I have no doubt that if I would have taken this a little more seriously I would have been fine.

This is an experience that I will carry with me for a lifetime and I will not screw around during rituals anymore . It was probably what I needed in fact.