Resleavement and strange encounters from prayor /spellcasting

So, i noticed 2 of my coworkers at my current job to be branded with resleavment tattoo’s.
(Ourorobas Dragon).
One of them seemed to check on me a lot lately, as i was working physical evokations.
In one Case, i had asked for the ability to enlighten my own halls of anamnentii.
(i know, it seems missspelled. ;P)
I had casted a prayor for it, and i got very instantenious approach from 4 holy man, praising krishna and giving me 2 holy books alongside a singing CD.
I still work in my old job, while being called out to quit it allready, somehow stuck in between my body really badly responds currently.
I enforced my body to accept high presures, so it makes sense to hurt.
well, soon after that approach a few days later, i had an approach from “tommy hatcher - goerge bell”'s Son.
i couldn’t deny that this was clearly an unusual encounter, especially as he spoke to me in perfect German while being a full-down English dude.
I had several strange encounters since my last years workings,
but this had just absolutely pushed my awareness to - this is instant manifestation.
It normally takes weeks to get such encounters after a ritual,
especially since i avoid public encounters very much currently.
But this, going down in just 2 weeks…
Was clearly Magick enfolding.

Didn’t know how to go about it other then just sharing.

I spent tons of money and still got loads back aswell,
but also currently i’m very aware that i focus on my payments and incomes waaaay to much,
as well as managing quite badly on my bills.
got to get further on with having it back under control…
Any suggestions in that regard are quite welcome.

to give a little understanding of the “resleavement” term

Thanks. :wink:



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