Residual Effects from evoking angels

Is it strange to perform an evocation with little to no feedback during the ritual but later during meditation to have visions of the angel coming to you? That was my recent experience. During meditation I saw a bright light while trying to open the third eye chakra and then I saw wings in the light and a hand reaching down into my head. Felt a weird warm rush in my head. Was really strange and being this as my first evocation i was wondering if thats normal.

Thanks for any info.


What i have noticed is that they will try to communicate the way they can.
If you cant see and talk to then during ritual, they will do what they can to have contact with you.
In my case, stuff changed in my life so i could notice their work.

Thanks for the response. Its definitely nice to get some communication from them to know the ritual was effective. How often do you evoke and do you get manifestations during most of your rituals? Im just curious what to expect since that was my first evocation.

I don’t think it is that strange.
I have had messages in a dream after a working that I thought didn’t work. Maybe E.A. will address that more in his upcoming program.

I addressed what I’m about to say in another thread but I never wrote about the after effect.

Archangel Michael came to me in a ritual that I was doing. He spoke to me clearly, the message went straight to my third eye, it was as though he was in the room and speaking from an elevated platform. He has a very old, deep voice which offered me compassion and his warmth and power filled me with a strength to continue my ritual without fear. It was quite a great experience. I felt secure in his presence and afterwards. The after effects was that I was charged for years. I would burn out lights, cause electrical interference to electrical instruments and just shock people. Some friends who were always around noticed this and became scared. It’s really an awful feeling to see your friends look at you with fear. I still remember those looks.

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[quote=“Divinator, post:2, topic:915”]What i have noticed is that they will try to communicate the way they can…

…In my case, stuff changed in my life so i could notice their work.[/quote]
If its not too personal, would you share a couple of examples, Divinator? It might help me to better understand some odd things happening in my life. Sometimes its encouraging, sometimes curious, other times intrusive.

Tried to scry Elubatel from NAP the other day, and nothing apart from feeling a slightly weird energy afterwards. Turned out the light and involuntarily started to astral project. A small ‘holographic’ entity started to materialise in front of me. I could hear it trying to say something to me, but it was in a really tiny, tinny voice. I asked if it was Elubatel, and it giggled and replied in a kind of reassuring, motherly (doesn’t this entity usually appear as a man?) voice that yes it was. At that point I was hit by literally a shockwave of vibrations and my astral vision just became a mass of thousands of spirals. It was too much to bear, and I woke up. Ho hum.

That’s very interesting. Were you angry when lights burnt out? It usually happens to me when I throw a tantrum.