Researching Maat

So, I’m trying to get back into egyption/kemetic mythology. I last got into it in Middleschool. I find it interesting that, back then, I would read the myths, but now I research the meanings and culturally philosophies behind them.

I came across Maat. I get that it is about some universal law of justice. However, I’m trying to find out what kind of philosophy it presents. I get the principles, and the 42 confessions, but there has to be a reason behind it.

I’m using a book on Hieroglyphic magick and it’s presenting some good information. One thing is said is that those who use creativity are serving the spirit of Maat. As a creative person, I tend to think that creative endeavors can naturally turn to irreverence, which Maat seems to be against. And I say this because I view my own work as containing some level of irreverence. In fact, I tend to be against the notion of the universe having an inherent righteousness. So, I’m not sure how I can be serving Maat while arguing against her.

I say this because I’m currently being drawn to the Neter. In particular, Thoth, Anubis, and Set. Set in particularly is an old childhood favorite. I know that he murdered his brother, Osiris, and fought his nephew Horus. However, I’m not sure I remember why he did it. Anything beyond that, he seems equated with Satan. However, any god that has a dark streak is equated with Satan in spite of cultural relevance.

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you need to understand what eternal existing and linear thinking is, if you wanna try to judge “universes” tendency to inherent righteousness, and also take a notion to a a fact, that there are many servants that would argue you even existing(they dont want more gods) before arguing about basis build of predatory universe.

egyptians are o.k to live with, even in currents of earth doesnt love anything sacred or pure, you probably will pact a trickster or thoughtform if you wanna some kind of commintment to mummies

Also I think word neter, means conciously aware, conciously aware living being, not operating system or microchip from 6000year old dynasty, meaning to be drawn to neter you would work with living beings (concious humans) ((underestimated magick))

I suggest you do study ma’at more objective, than male demons and love and attention hungry entities in currents… i would even say, see her as mechanical, automated guide, rather than a evokeable desperate housewife… ( I been living with her for years now )

I dont work with male “gods”

See her as spirit guide(ish) way to the way of living and truth (God’s one vibrational value) – She can also teach you universal (multidimensional) laws, and proper grammar to come as upstanding human-spirit, or whatever you want to be in future

In Kemetic there are excellent books from Michael Ford, Maskim Hul. How about Isis? Is a very powerful entity for protection and all kinds of magic.

There’s a reason I take an interest in darker gods. I relate to them in a way.