I have a question for those of you who use the Darkside version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual.

What has been your experience with it compared to the GD’s version of the LBRP? Do you use it for “banishing” or for something else? If something else, what do you use it for?

Finally, what are you thoughts on using the LBRP on the Darkside? In other words, for those who don’t wish to banishing dark entities, do you still use it for personal protection? If not, what do you use, if anything?

Thanks for your input!


I have to ask, what exactly is a “Darkside LBRP?”

There is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram created by the Golden Dawn…and then there are the imitations.


There are Satanic and Luciferian versions of the LBRP but I don’t think that something that is not understood in the first place can be properly adapted. Michael W Ford created a Luciferian version.
I hope that answers your question.
As far as the original question goes I have never practiced the Dark side versions. I have just read about them.


In my experience, the LHP imitations do not possess the power that the one and only Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram does, mainly, I think, because the creators of such rituals tend to not really understand what the ritual is or what it actually does. It is more than a simple banishing, and simply changing the pentagrams to inverse ones, and slapping some demon names into the cardinal points, do not make the imitations anywhere close to being of the same level.

The imitations that I have tried were pretty lukewarm, and none really packed a punch.


To me it was in the beginning like magick switch, to switch from mundane, to magicial practices, on minds level… i used crowned princes of hell instead of archangels, vibrated names, nothing very real came out of that dabble…

but as a “novice” practice, it is very real to open up yourself to all that there is and vibrate some holy names, (without looking from your manual too many times while at it )

beware with darkside practices in general, they eye you back when you do eye there…


The only thing that hung me up with the inverted LRP and still does, is the direction in which you invoke the element, and then the names memorized would be helpful as well.

Quite frankly, I second @DarkestKnight … the LRP itself is powerful.

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Just because the LBRP isn’t traditionally aligned to the left hand path, doesn’t mean its not usable or even applicable. You can perform the normal LBRP or some different kind of preliminary ritual opening or banishing with equal or even greater power and potency. Yet like @DarkestKnight stated do not use the imitations they do work but not as well as the original.

So if you don’t want to use the original you could do a calling of a banishing of the ritual area and calling of the watchtowers, or if a invocation of omnipotence, any of kind of opening preliminary rite for that matter there many and I mean many to choose from.


I did use that in the beginning, however calling on Archangels and having them present and then performing an Evocation, this felt like it would create issues for me. Since I don’t work with Angels. Do you think its alright to perform the original LBRP, say if you’re Evoking King Paimon or King Belial?

I’ve been using the one below.

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Yes. Many people do, and I believe @Mike_Bee has stated that he performs the LBRP prior to every Goetic working, and the demons don’t seem to have a problem with it. With the LBRP, the angels just clear and guard the space. They’re not constraining or otherwise binding the demons, unless you specifically call them to do so,


Yes @DarkestKnight I do in fact perform the LBRP regular version before almost every evocation. ( Indoors that is)

I’m not doing anything offensive to the demons I’m more worried about cleaning the space of ghosts, elementals, shadows and shells and parasitic or trickster entities that may have found thier way to my temple.

At no point in time are any of my infernal guests threatened with or coerced by angelic action.

For me it’s about creating a psychically sterile environment so that I can reach the desired entity quickly and easily.


Thank you @Mike_Bee for your prompt response.

I have a few more questions maybe you and @DarkestKnight or anyone can help clear.

  1. If I have called on Goetic Spirits for protection and curse removal, will it affect their presence. I.e. will it banish them along with others?

  2. Is it advisable to do an LBRP before and after an Evocation?

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No it does not banish them because at the ending of the evocation you have given the spirit license to depart. The LBRP post evocation is about clearing away anything hanging around the periphery of the operation.


There are lots of lbpr. The luciferian lbpr works great, the demonic one too but there is also a gnostic one for people who refuse the coruption energy of the abrahamic religions and it’s very powerful.
Goetia spirits are special so probably are not outraged by that abrahamic crap but demonic powers, dark gods and so on are…


The Luciferian LBRP by Michael Ford?

Which is the Demonic LBRP? The one I shared?

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The one you shared is the one from Crowley and it’s so totally awesome. Babalon is one of the best deities to work with. The demonic one is probably on Balg. There is also one made by Orlee which is powerful too.

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Doesn’t Orlee use the original GD LBRP? I’ve seen her videos showing that.

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Not really, she uses a dark version, was it with Typhon one of the Gods???


The demonolators have their version, as well. This is the one I’m referring to, which has four major demons in the quarters instead of the archangels.

But there are also MANY versions written by Cicero, as well.


I’ve read that version also. The cool part of that is Connolly in her book on demonaltry recommends the practicioner actually build their own pantheon and assign the spirits they want to work with to the elemental quarters. Very interesting. I might actually try it.


I like that myself.

When I asked the question, I wasn’t really looking for advice so much as I was just curious about how left-hand path magicians use the LBRP, if at all.

When I read the “demonic version,” I kinda thought, “Well, what’s the point, then?” If I’m working with dark spirits, I don’t personally see a need to banish; then again, my rituals do tend to attract shadow people, minions, and other astral nasties that I don’t want to deal with.

So, I’ve been experimenting with using the GD’s classic LBRP, which seems to work fine after evocations or scyring sessions. They still come back, and no one’s complained about it.

I guess, more than anything, I wonder about the demonic version and why that was created and used?