Rerverse Baptism

I watched the YouTube video on this topic and would so much like to get some more info…as i understand you had a ritual this past Feb 20th and the video was posted on Feb 11.

I’ve been working as much hours as I can and missed this ritual…So very much want to change patterns that hold me back… that were created by not only my christian mother, an my latest ex; the col-vert narcissist both were. My attraction to those types is because to my patterns (I have to learn to stop supplying those who want to take my energy) so I can be the an individual and be freedom to preform magick in my own powerful higher self.

There are many many many unbaptizing unchrisening rituals out there. You can find them in videos online or in some grimoires even. So even if you missed someone performing a unchrisening or unbaptising you still have numerous options to you to do one for yourself.

Basically an unbsptism ritual is a symbolic ritual used to help your conscious and you subconscious mind break away (usually emotionally) from past indoctrination and brainwashing.

Kind of like the smoker who decides to quit who breaks his cigarette in half when he vows to quit.

By symbolically undoing and reversing the baptism you are freeing your mind from the programming because while your conscious mind is easy to deal with by doing this like not going to church/temple/mosque your subconscious primarily works with and through symbolism. So by giving it a symbolic action you free it to accept your new beliefs/values/point-of-view.

Not sure my explanation came out right but basically unbaptism is a ritual of reprogramming your self conscious so that it doesn’t sabotage your conscious efforts at changing (from a believer) into a new person with new values/beliefs/points-of-view.

And you can use any of the unbaptising rituals out there to do it it doesn’t have to be only a specific persons style of unbaptising because they all work by symbolism and all have the intent/effect of freeing the subconscious of old baggage so you can change and grow in a new direction. (I know. I did one for myself)…

Add: I did mine from a Michael W Ford grimoire but you can use any unbaptising ritual that appeals to you as it’s a symbolic action you do to assist your subconscious in transitioning belief systems.

I’ve also done the unbaptism ritual from Michael W Ford several times… On video rb was mentioned that every six months that this ritual would be offered…have you heard anything coming up soon…defiantly would want to sign up for it.

Thank you for your info and response.

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Ah. I see. Well hope you get your unbaptizing soon then (I hadn’t heard about it being offered every six months). Best of luck getting in the next one then.