Requesting spellwork

Hello friends,
I was suppose to win an IG contest. But someone else took the lead today. The winner is based on whoever gets the most likes. I was leading with 276 likes. She had 152 and today the last day of the competition she is magically at 351.And I was informed by others in the competition that this person usually wins by buying likes. The deadline of the contest is today at 11:59 pm. Could someone help me out with a spell work? Something to unmask a cheater? I am really frustrated.

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She’s taking status and power unearned, try this bad boy - he likes to break rules himself, but he also doesn’t like abuse of power:


I am too scared to evoke Belial! :rofl: I have heard too many horror stories surrounding him. :neutral_face:

King Belial is stern, yes. But he also helps. I was scared too when I first evoked him, had a panic attack but in the end, there was nothing to fret over :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am not ready to work with him yet. I am very much a beginner and he is more an intermediate to advanced being to work with.

If you aren’t ready to take certain measures , someone else will be

Belial is a good guy, first experience will be intense in my opinion, but i think after you both might slowly get more used to each other

if not, try Lucifer