Requesting help writing magic Square

Dear balg members,

Please take a look at the following magic Square options.

I’m trying to find out, which one is the correct alignment.

The one which really haves energy linked to it, should be the one that is also the actual correct version.

Just wanting to double check.

I personally think this last one should be the correct one.

But I’d like some feedback please, if someone thinks differently.
And if you do, please note down which one feels more charged / energetic than the last one of these.

Thank you for help.



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This one. The fourth picture. I don’t know why but I feel drawn to it.

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I agree with you @Yberion, this one I feel is the one to use. The others feel like they have barriers on them keeping me away but this one feels open and free flowing to me. So I agree with you on this version.

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