Requesting Help with channelling guidance

So right off the bat I want to mention divination and similar type Magik has never been anything close to a strong suit for me. I’m working to improve but this request is not about me.

Its come to my attention that among many of my close (and some sorta close friends) I’m the only reference point they have for the world of Magik and anything occult, and I really love sharing the joy I get from this with them. That being said, it is quite daunting to know that more than a couple of friends have a strong desire to practice Magik and I have faith that they could have great potential. But the issue is that I’m being looked to to help guide them, which I don’t mind but as a shaman who’s still very much in training, I am quite aware that I am not able to guide them alone. And since they are either distrustful or wary of contacting anyone else, (either due to religious stigma or the sheer vastness in comparison to them) I’m looking to help in any way I can.
So I’ve picked up a deck of Oracle cards, intuitively it felt right, and I feel connected when handling them. But since I’m looking to help my friends out I don’t have room for error. I’ve perked they’re interest, but I have no idea how to go about setting them on their first steps. I’d appreciate any help so I can make sure my friends wonder and imagination don’t fade.
Thank you

I find that divination systems speak the loudest when their symbols are keyed to the mundane. Symbol systems that are rooted in the abstract and esoteric are going to tend to give vague, mystical counsel. For example, if I show you an image of a rock you can readily come up with associations for a rock: solidity, hardness, strength, etc. But if i throw out the word “yesod”, what associations pop up with that? See its a lot easier to fire off the intuition using symbols that are mundane and familiar. And from that basis you can go into more abstract meanings. It’s much more difficult to go from abstract to concrete meanings.

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