Requesting A Reading

I need some important reading done on an issue.

The reading shoukd show what is the basic opposing factor and what spell/rite to do in order to overcome that.

Anyone willing to help please PM ME

Thanks :grinning:

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me too. i really need some help in reading. what demon / rite that suits my problem… i feel there is too many blockage that i can’t handle…

Call on a spirit of your choice and ask a number of questions.

wow so helpful. i wanted someone else’s opinion thats why made the request

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Ok PM me your personal info.

Light a black candle and call on the powers of darkness to remove all obstacles from your path to achieve your specific goals.

Make sure to mention what those goals are during your ritual.


ok thankyou so much. I will try it tonight

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Sadly I’m no good to you, but hopefully someone will be around to help you.

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