Request for your thoughts and maybe a reading

Hello everyone.
A couple of months ago I did a spell to point the guy who is ment to be my future husband and it point me to someone who is in the country and city I always wanted to go since I was a child. I am planning on doing a bussiness project with him in the sort future and the thing I would like to ask your opinion and a reading to check if there’s a significance is the following:
His mom was born on 4rth of October. My grandma who raised me and was actually my mom was born on October 6th. His mom died on February 9th and my grams died on February 11th.He was 24 when his mom died and I was 22 when my grandma passed and I have been curious if there’s a significance ( I don’t know if I am using the right word) or some sort of an existing bond between me and him